Code of Conduct


Each student is expected to be in class on time at every session. All necessary tardiness or absence must be arranged with the Director and instructors, to be governed as follows:

1. Leave of absence Such is granted to students under conditions beyond their control, such as road hazards, weather conditions, sickness or death in the family, necessary business (official and representing the school). Military leave is recognized and excused. All work, however, must be completed.

2. Absences and class cuts No absence is permitted except as indicated in the above paragraph. No class cuts are excused. Each case will be reviewed by the Director. For each unexcused absence, the student’s final grade average will be reduced five points. Anyone whose attendance is determined to be unsatisfactory will be dismissed. For those receiving VA benefits, students exceeding one total absence (5% of class sessions) in a calendar month will be terminated from their VA benefits for unsatisfactory attendance. In order to show that the cause of unsatisfactory attendance has been removed, students must show perfect attendance (no absences) for one calendar month after being terminated for unsatisfactory attendance. After such time, the student may be re-certified for VA education benefits.

3. Tardiness Three times tardy equals one unexcused absence; three unexcused absences subject one to dismissal. A written reason for each tardiness or absence must be presented to the Director.

4. Students traveling for interviews Students may miss up to three classes excused when “trying out” for preaching positions. Students are urged to deliberately arrange travel to miss the least amount of class as possible.

5. Make-up work Each student is held accountable for work missed due to absence for any reason, and will be required to make it up, according to demands of his respective instructor. In view of the intensive work and accelerated program of the school, any student missing as much as two weeks’ total in any one session may asked to withdraw. He may reenter the next term or a later term.


The following rules of conduct apply toallstudents:

1. All students are expected to assume proper responsibility as citizens. Any who are convicted of any violation of the law will be subject to discipline by the school.

2. Everyone is expected to deal honestly and uprightly with fellow-students, faculty, and the churches and individuals who give him financial support. Students are not to stir up or bring local church problems to the classroom.

3. Any words or acts unbecoming a Christian will not be tolerated. At all times students must conduct themselves with decorum, and display the proper attitude in all matters pertaining to their school work. Male and female students who may choose to date are expected to refrain from any and all open display of affection while on the school premises. Any questions relative to these stipulations should be taken up with the director.

4. Cell phone use during class is not permitted except for emergencies. Computers are not to be used for social media during class.

5. Students in this school are not permitted to use tobacco, and/or non medicinal drugs or alcohol in any form. Any who are found doing so will be subject to dismissal.

6. Though a specific offense may not have been committed, if at any time a student’s attitude and/or demeanor are not in harmony with the spirit and purpose of the school, he may be asked to withdraw. This will not be subject to review by any other person or group outside the Florida School of Preaching.

7. Re-admission after conduct dismissal is at the discretion of the director, after a sufficient time has passed to prove that the student has corrected the behavior that resulted in dismissal.


The appearance of students must be consistent with Christian character and influence.

1. Shirts with a collar and dress slacks or non-tattered jeans are required for students to wear while in class. Coat and tie are required for students who speak in chapel during the time they are speaking.

2. No shorts are permitted in class by either male or female students. Men are not permitted to wear sandals or flip-flops.

3. Hair styles and jewelry should be such so as not to hinder a student’s good influence for Christ.