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Your ministry education starts here with knowledgeable and experienced instructors covering every book of the Bible.

The purpose of the Florida School of Preaching is to train preachers and Bible class teachers for the churches of Christ. There are men who desire to preach but have been deprived of a college education. Some have said this is the only way they can receive the needed training. This school encourages individuals to pursue education to the highest extent possible.

The Florida School of Preaching began in September 1969 as a work of the South Florida Avenue church of Christ in Lakeland with support from other churches and individuals. The school continues to use spacious facilities provided by this church. In June 1972 the school was issued a charter from the State.

The school is located in Lakeland, one of the fastest growing communities in Florida. Using Interstate 4, it easily accessible from Tampa Bay. Orlando, both coasts and the rest of the state of Florida.



Preachers are not born as preachers. They must be sought and taught. Help us find faithful men willing to “stand in the gap.” The Gospel is still God’s power to save the lost!

Brian R. Kenyon

46th Annual Lectureship

God-Breathed Scripture

January 18-21, 2021





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Your education as a Bible student starts here.

The most qualified instructors with a deep focus on spiritual and practical application

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