Jesus’ Last Words Before Ascending

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Joshua Cantrell

Automated Transcript:

With three and four verse number three says he’s going to be alive for 40 days and he’s going to show them many infallible fruits. What does all that have to do with our listen tonight? Jesus’ last words. Before going back to heaven, I have six points I want to share with you tonight for Matthew chapter 28, 18 through 20. As you open up the text tonight again in Matthew 28 in verse number 18,

of course we know the Bible says all power or all authority has been given unto me in heaven. And in earth, you see there’s no guessing tonight who has all power and who has all authority in Colossus two verse nine. The Bible says all things were made by him and for him, God has all power in his hands. God is not measured or restricted by the things we all on earth.

Sometimes, sometimes we try to limit God by our limited imaginations, we believe because we can’t do something that we say, well, God can’t do that as well. But God is about to show all of us tonight from Matthew chapter 28, that he just doesn’t have some power. He doesn’t have most power. He has all power and of the God of heaven has all power.

If that power has been delegated to his son, his son tells us to do something. I believe we should pay attention to that. The Bible says in verse number 19, go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father. So under the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever. I have commanded you and lo I am with you always,

even until the end of the world or the age, a man point number one tonight, look at verse number 19. Again, the Bible says go, ye therefore that’s an imperative statement, which means it is a command from God for us to go and make disciples is almost as if sometimes when people obey the gospel, we failed to let them know,

Hey, you have to grow in your relationship with God, but you also have to share the gospel with other people as well. How selfish is it for us to keep the gospel to our sales and not share that with other people? If God showed us enough, grace and mercy, to obey the gospel, shouldn’t we show other folks that same grace and give it to them as well.

The gospel is too good and too great for us to hold on to it and for us to keep it to ourselves and not give it to other people. That is the mission of our Lord disciples. Go and make more disciples that was disciples. Go and make more disciples. It’s a command from our Lord to go and to make disciples. Now, why is that tonight?

First of all, again, it is a command from God. Now we can really just pretty much let that be the entire point tonight. Why should we make disciples? Because this is a command from God, but I understand that a word today. Sometimes people need more evidence or more proof to make that point. No, we should go make disciples again.

First of all, because it is a command from God, but second of all, it is our duty as a Christian to go do that. It’s not called the great suggestion. It’s not called do it. If it makes you feel good, it’s called the great commission, which means God has given us our marching orders to go out and to do what he says in the military.

When the second Lieutenant comes down and tell everybody else what to do, that’s not a suggestion. That’s a command. The Bible again says, go eat there for point number two tonight. Again, we’re going to go through these really quickly because I really want to get to the application aspect at the end point. Number two tonight, again, the Bible says go ye therefore,

and teach second point tonight, all nations, the gospel is available to everyone. I don’t know why within the body of Christ. Tonight is almost as if we’ve divided the gospel between race, between political parties and social backgrounds. The gospel is available for everyone. The gospel is not just a message for those who are of a certain color or a certain race.

If you remember any fees in chapter two, Paul already talked about that to begin with. And so when Ephesians chapter three, verse number eight, Paul says unto me, who I’m blessed at least of all the saints is this grace given that I should preach or teach among the Gentiles, the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery,

which from the beginning of time, Paul says it was a mystery verse. Number four, then he says the mystery has now been revealed unto us verse number four, in that context of the apostles. But what do we do? We continue steadfastly in the Apostle’s doctrine. The same message they got from our Lord to go and make disciples is our same misses tonight.

Again, the gospel of Jesus Christ is available for everyone. If you remember in John chapter four, when Jesus is talking with the woman of Samaria and the Bible pretty much goes on to say how she began asking him all these questions. You can’t talk to me. You’re a Jew. And I’m a Samaritan. The task goes on to say how Jesus begins telling her all different things about her life and of her life.

And the Bible says, verse number 19, she leaves her water pot. And she goes, she says, come see a man. Who’s telling me everything there is to know about my life. Once God allows us to obey the gospel, the first thing we should do is go tell other people about it as well. There have been many of us tonight.

Once we first learned about the gospel and we were converted. When we came out of sin, what did he want to do, man? I want to save all my family members. I want to make sure they go heaven. I want to make sure they’re right with God. Why? Because their soul is lost and we want them to be safe.

Just imagine the Genesis three. Once we wrote the fellowship of God, if God just left us how we was, has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God Genesis three and no way? What many say, you know, what, what happened to Genesis three of that caught God off guard. If you will, God already know that was going to happen.

God knows the end from the beginning. God knows all he is all, any Seesaw. So if God knows all of that, what happens in his three verse 15, his plan kicks into action. We began going to a cavalry, so his son can save us from our sins. And it’s on that gospel. That foundational fact, my friends, he got up from the grave and we can share that with other people this entire week.

We’ve talked about the resurrection of Christ. We’ve talked about first Corinthians 15, one through four first Corinthians, chapter 15 and higher and talked about that last night, 32 down to verse 38. We spend powers this week talking about the resurrection. And again, the resurrection is the focal point of what we’re talking about this week, but it’s not enough just for us to have information about the resurrection.

If we’re not willing to share that with other people, I promise you tonight, the devil doesn’t care. You know the gospel, he doesn’t care. That’s your say, but he does care if you share it with other people and he’s going to do everything in his power to discourage you, to make you want to quit. So you don’t share the gospel,

but we can’t quit because the message of our Lord is that important. We have to go and make disciples. We have to do that. And as chapter seven and verse number 57, there, we read about Saul and he’s at the stoning of Stephen and that’s chapter nine and verse number one, the Bible says, saw he’s breathing out. Threatenings now the apostle Paul here,

which is going to be later on. Just imagine had our Lord not taking a chance on him. Again, the apostle Paul wrote 12 new Testament books. 13, if you count Hebrews, which means he wrote more than half of our new Testament here. You have a man who was going about persecuting. Those who follow after Christ. Now that same man is a Christian.

And just imagine how his fellow Jews thought, you know what? This Saul of Tarsus, he don’t know what he want to do on one hand, he’s persecuting Christians. On the other hand, he’s now saving Christians and he’s now even calling them and his brother. It’s amazing because we talked about it in our Bible class a few weeks ago, God can take your foolish potential and turn it into your fullest potential.

Here. You have a man here. Who’s so foolish. So arrogant about what he’s doing. And the Bible says in acts nine, verse one down to verse number five, Jesus himself has to appear to him and tell him, Hey man, you’re doing this wrong. Don’t you just love when people tell you the truth, be honest. Don’t you love when people tell you the truth here you have in acts chapter nine or lower telling this man,

the truth. And as result of that, because he was humble enough to listen to the truth. The Bible says, this man is now going to arise and he’s going to be baptized for the forgiveness of his sins. Now we may say tonight, as we read about Saul of Tarsus for the very first time that man can not be used by God,

that evil man, that wicked man, God would never use him to fulfill a great cost. But the same thing could be said about all of us. We, we, we probably have never done with Saul of Tarsus did, but you know what? We’ve done something. We probably have never stolen. We probably have never lie. We probably have never cheated.

And we may feel good just for a moment of time. But if you allow the word of God to be your mirror, James one verse 25, second Corinthians 13 verse five, and you allow the word of God to examine you. You know what? We come to realize, man, we are in the same condition he was, but we got up because of the resurrection of Christ,

Romans chapter six, three, and four rewrites to walk with him in newness of life. He got up from the grave point. Number three, tonight, the Bible says here, go ye therefore and teach all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the father, son or the holy spirit point number three tonight, God is the only one who saves.

It’s so sad today that people are looking for salvation and all the other places separate and apart from the Bible, it’s amazing how that works. People say, I want to be saved from my sins. I want to do right by God yet. They never read the revelation from God. They never see, you know what one does God has to say on the subject.

In regards to me being saved from my sins, what does God, what is God’s will for my life? So why can be saved? God is the only one who saves. And as chapter four, verse number 12, the Bible says neither is that salvation and any other for there. There’s none other name under heaven. Given among men whereby we must be saved.

The Bible says the first Corinthians three verse number 10, according to the grace of God, which is given unto me, Paul, there being that great builder. I have laid the foundation. Verse number 11 for other foundation can no man lay than that, which is Jesus Christ. The foundation upon our entire belief. Christianity is not just on Jesus dying,

but him getting up from the grave. What if Jesus would have died and just stayed into the tomb. Jesus got up with all power in his hands because the tomb was found empty. As one preacher said, I don’t have to be empty because he got out of his tomb. I don’t have to stay in my tomb of sin. If you remember in John chapter 11,

when he goes to the funeral of his good friend, he meets those two sisters and the Bible says they run out. If you add a been here, my brother had not died. It’s almost as if they don’t know who they’re talking to. And the Bible says in that account in John chapter 11, Jesus says, show me what you laid him.

Take me to his grave. And the Bible says, he goes down there and he calls them by name Lazarus, come forth. And the text says, Lazarus wrapped in head and foot in his grave clothes. He probably hopped out of the tomb, but the Bible says, Jesus says loose the man and let him go. And that’s what many in the world need tonight.

They need losing from sin. And Jesus is the only one that can do that. Jesus is the only one that can say to them from their sins. And we have the answer to help them. I can imagine needing help. I’d go to a person who can help me and they refuse to help me and Galatians chapter six, verse number one, Paul says brethren,

if any man be overtaken in a fault, you which are spiritual restore, such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering that self Lester also be tempted. Verse two, Paul says, what? Bear ye one another’s burdens. And so fulfill the law of Christ. Paul says we have to help each other. Paul says we have to be there for each other.

Romans 12 verse 15. Paul says rejoice with them. That rejoice, weep with them, that weep, how often do we talk to family members? And we tell them all the good things that’s going on in our lives, but yet we never talk to them about Jesus. We never tell them about their salvation. That we, we, we, we,

we never tell them what they have to do to be right with God. And here we are living our good lives. Living the Christian lives when our family members are lost, when they need our help, Jesus tells these men to go. Unfortunately COVID has caused us in many places to stop, but I find it amazing that once we put our wheel into what we are doing,

we won’t let anything stop us from serving the Lord. If you remember in Matthew chapter 24, they of course the context talking about the destruction of Jerusalem there. But in that particular context, he talks about all the different rules and all the different things that’s going on in the world. It’s amazing because in the first century they had problems too. In the first century,

they had wars, they had battles, they had struggles. They had temptations. But yet in that chapter one, verse number eight, what did they do, man? They’re going everywhere. Christ said go to Judea. Sumeria as chapter eight, verse number four, in that chapter five, feel it went down to Samarria. He preached Christ unto them.

Nothing should stop us from spreading the gospel, spreading the good news of our Lord. In first grade things, 15 verse number one, Paul says, moreover brother, or now I make no until you brother in the gospel, which I have preached unto you, which also you receive where when you stand by, which you’re also saved. If you keep in memory that which I have preached unto you,

unless you have believed in vain for I delivered unto you. First of all, that, which I also received, how that Christ Jesus, what did he do? He died for our sins, according to the scriptures and he was buried and that he rose again the third day, according to the scriptures, we’ve talked about it a good bit. This week,

all of us have loved ones. We miss. And you have all these TV evangelists today. Just do this call in and you’ll be safe. You know what? I have a lot of good people. I miss. Let’s go to the cemetery. Let’s wake some folks up. Jesus didn’t need an alarm clock to get up. Jesus didn’t need anyone to come knock on the tomb to get him awake out of his sleep.

The Bible says in Matthew chapter 28, again in verse one, verse number six, Jesus got up on his own strength. He got up on his own accord church, but notice what else, what the Bible says in Matthew 28 tonight, again, it’s a command from God to go. The imperative. Second of all, the gospel is available to everyone.

Third of all, God is the only one who SES, but not only that tonight, we must remember to teach them the doctrine of Christ. If you go back, if you think about tonight and next chapter 17, when Paul goes to Athens and verse number 16, the Bible says in verse number 17, there he’s opening and alleging unto them the scriptures.

Now, next of all, Paul is going to go to Morris hill and he’s going to stand on top of Morris hill in ethics and verse number 24. And it’s amazing because people say today, we need to change the gospel to fit the culture. What we need to do is take the gospel into the culture. The gospel is God’s power to save us from our sins.

Why should we change and alter the word of God to fit a culture that already goes against the word of God. When Paul went to Mars hill, Paul, didn’t say God, who I think made the world. No, sir, no. Ma’am Paul says in verse number 24, God, the God of heaven. He made the world. He made all things.

Paul, as he spoke to those people, Paul preached in that Paul preached unto them. The gospel, Paul didn’t give them some gospel that was going to tickle their ears. Paul it, and say, you know what, what I think they should know. Paul preached unto them. The gospel. Paul says, God, that made the world and all written in all things there in our world with all were to disagree.

They would disagree with the first water for sermon, that being gone, they will say, God, didn’t make the world. In fact, the world just came into existence by yourself. It’s amazing how we pick and choose what we want to be logical about in the world. It’s amazing how that works. They say, you know what? The human body did not just have a big bang and come into existence.

But on the other hand, they say, well, you know what? The world just came into existence by yourself. Paul said, God, that may the world. Paul says that God is the God that we serve. Paul says, you know what? We don’t have to change the word of God to fit the culture. And I understand being a young person,

we constantly want to try new things and do new things. And I understand that. And I appreciate that. But you know what? We cannot change the integrity of the scriptures to do what we want to do. We can’t do at church and neither should we, again, the Bible says here to teach them the doctrine. And as chapter two in verse number 42,

the Bible says they continue steadfastly in the Apostle’s doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread. And in prayers, the doctrine Christ taught them the doctrine they got from him. The doctrine they learned for those three and a half years, Christ says that doctrine is the, it’s the power to save man, Romans chapter one, 16 to 17, the gospel is still God’s power for humanity today.

God, hasn’t given us a new way for our salvation. God hasn’t given us a new way. In terms of us being safe. The gospel was God’s plan to save us 2000 years ago. And the gospel is God’s plan to save us tonight. Paul says, well, the book of acts says, teaching the doctrine, the first Corinthians chapter two verses one to two policies for when I came to you.

I came now with this leasee of species at the verse. Number two, four, I declare to know nothing among you. Save Jesus Christ and him crucified. And second team before verse number two, Paul says, what preach the word be instant in season out of season were proved rebuke in Azore with all long suffering and doctrine. A question came up a long time ago.

What do preachers preach when they don’t know what to priests, their response to that came from an older preacher. You preach the word, you preach the word of God. But sadly, even in our Lord’s time, people did not want to hear the word of God, how sad it is because some of us own people. Sometimes as you read through why those are pistols,

they rejected the word of God. When you read the book of Ephesians and Paul is constantly tailed them in Ephesians chapter one, verse four, it feeds a chapter one verse seven from the foundation of the world. God had already chosen you Christians to be safe. He gets over to Ephesians chapter two and chapter three more practical application. Now later on in the book of revelation,

John says that church, they had left their first love. It’s amazing because in every single chapter, Paul is encouraging them. Stand fast, don’t fall away. And then later on, they’re going to leave their first love. They’re going to leave the thing that makes them different. We should never sacrifice our integrity to preach or to change and alter the word of God.

Jesus tells these man to go. He tells these men to make disciples. Now a momentarily. We’re going to look at that shit, but too, and look at some parallels also, but what he says, he tells him again to go. He tells them the gospel is available for everyone. Whether you’re black, white, Jewish, or Gentile, the gospel is available for everyone.

Third of all, he says here in verse number 19 as well, teach them the doctrine of Christ. Tell them what they have to do to be safe. Show them the message of salvation. And then he says also here in verse number 20 lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world or the end of the age point number five tonight,

if you will, the Bible says, God says he is with us. Always. If God is with us, as we go out and tell people about Jesus, if God is with us, as we go through on our everyday walks of life, shouldn’t that give us the confidence to wake up in the morning. A little more excited, not just to go to work,

but to tell somebody about Jesus. I want this person to be safe. It’s amazing. Sometimes how we spend hours talking about sports and those things are not wrong, but it’s amazing how the gospel of Christ. It never comes up. And we have all of our family members looking at us asking us, you know, what, what does the Bible say about this?

And we have no idea. We have no understanding of it. But again, once we are converted, the teaching doesn’t stop ever. The teaching never stops for the child of God, every single day of our lives. Second team, the two verse 15, I’m not studying the word of God just to win a debate. I’m not studying the word of God just to show all my family members,

how much I know I’m studying the word of God, first of all, for myself. And then second of all, so I can save some. I want to take some people to heaven with me. I want to go to heaven and I want all you to go with me. All of us tonight. We have family members. We have friends.

We want them to go as well. And here we have the thing that can help them. And that’s the gospel. That’s the salvation of our Lord. As gospel preachers. We don’t have time to preach in the gain Gale. So other than the gospel, sometimes people want us to do that, but you know what? We’re not going to do that because we all to obey God rather than man,

especially when it comes, preaching the word of God. And so over and over again, as you see these disciples, listening to Jesus, they’re growing with him. It’s amazing sometimes because as you read the new Testament and as you read these men following and walking with Jesus, it’s almost as if most of the time they’re not even paying attention. It’s amazing to me in Luke chapter 22,

verse number 31, when the Bible says and Simon, Simon, Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as we, but I have prayed for you that your faith failed. Now when you’re converted, strengthen our brother at a question is I thought he was already converted. I thought he was already a child of God. And the point is not just him being a child of God.

The point is because you are the child of God. He should continue to grow in his relationship with God, but it’s difficult to grow your relationship with God. If you don’t know his revelation. And if you don’t know his wheel Psalm 42 verse one, the Bible says as the deer pants for the water, that’s how we should long and pants after the word of God.

I love hearing gospel preachers. That’s been my favorite part of this week. I love hearing fateful gospel preachers, but claim the word of God. But you know what? We need more fateful gospel preaching today because gospel preaching is the only thing that is going to save mankind from their sins. It’s going to get people out of sin so they can be where they need to be a sweet fellowship with God.

And the first century church, you don’t think that they had different stuff going on different problems, different circumstances, and yet they still found time to preach the word of God. Notice what the text says again. Christ says all authority has been given unto me in heaven and earth go ye therefore, make disciples, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever. I have commanded you and lo I am with you all the way,

even until the end of the world or the end of the age. Last of all tonight, I want to look at some application points with you from Matthew chapter 28. First of all, tonight, I think as we talk about and consider the great commission, I believe we need to pray for more opportunities to do. So I’ve said in many of times,

one of my favorite things here about south Florida avenue is Rick. Every Sunday evening, he takes us in the back and pray for more, for more ways to do evangelistic works within the congregation. It’s amazing. Sometimes when you pray to do more for the Lord, the very next day, God gives you an opportunity to do that. God, please give us more opportunities.

Not just so we can grow numerically, not just so we can have a lot of money in the bank because that’s not what it’s about. We want men to be saved from their sins. We want people to get out of the darkness and come into the light because we have a lot of people who walk our street, who we go to Walmart with every single day and they are lost.

Marshall Keeble said a long time ago. One of my favorite sermons, we can preach the gospel to people any and everywhere. When we are at birthday parties, we can talk about the word of God. When we are at dinner, we can talk about the word of God. When we go to the mall, we can talk about the word of God.

Here’s a good one. Hello? Somebody when we’re talking about COVID, we can talk about the word of God as well. I know that was kind of close to the height. We have to pray always for more evangelistic efforts so we can be faithful to our guy, but not only that we need to be a servant. God, I said it before.

It’s just doesn’t want volunteers. He wants servants. I get it. We talk about a lot about volunteering. That’s great. I appreciate it. When you serve servants, when you look the new Testament and when you look at what the Bible says about making disciples, disciples going and making disciples, making other people disciples. One of the key aspects of that is being a servant and John chapter 17 and verse number two and three there,

the Bible talks about how Jesus, many of his own brother and did not believe. And then you get over to James chapter one in verse, number one, the Bible, doesn’t say, James, the brother, it doesn’t say James. I grew up with him. The Bible says James, to do last a servant of God and of the Lord,

Jesus Christ. Here. You have the brother of our Lord. He declares himself. Hey, even though he’s my brother, I am his servant. I just want to be a servant. If I got to sweep the floor, I want to be a servant. If I can wash some dishes, I want to be a servant because I want to make sure in all aspects of my life,

God is being glorified. God is being raised and everything that I do, we need to pray for more opportunities. And we also need to be servants. I’m not just talking about you all tonight. I’m talking about Josh. Now there’s something all of us can do to be better service for our Lord. Because we think being a servant is just limited to,

you know what? I’m a preacher. That’s me being a servant enough, but it’s not. I’m a fateful member. I teach Bible class. That’s being enough of a servant, but it’s not. There’s always another mal. We can go for the cause of Christ. There’s always more we can do. We need to pray for more opportunities. We need to be a servant.

But third of all, we need to be convicted about what we are doing. The reason I think and what I see throughout the new Testament, mark chapter two, verse one and two is a very good ticks. The reason why many sometimes are not fully convicted or persuaded about Jesus in saving their friends is because they themselves are not fully convicted themselves. When we,

as members of the body of Christ, get to the point when we say, you know what? I’m so convicted about Christ. He has saved me. You know what? I know he can save everyone else. When we are that convicted about Christ, we are convicted about a lot of things, and I’m not saying that those things are wrong, but when our conviction of those things overlook our conviction of Christ,

we have our priorities messed up. Jesus Christ comes first. Sometimes in life we say, well, you know what? Isn’t well, he come into a tie. He won’t even come into a towel with you. The day Jesus comes. The second place is the day he comes in last place. The Bible says in Matthew six verse 33 Christ says,

seek my kingdom first. And all of these other things shall be added unto you. I’ve never went without an life. I’ve never missed a meal. I’ve never gone without any of that. I’m sure many of us can say the same thing tonight, but we have to be reminded of those things and take those things into consideration and say, God has done all this.

Hey, he’s with us. But not only that, I should pray for more opportunities. I should be a servant. I should be con should be convicted about it, but also I should be willing to share it with others as well. And this is where I want to spend the rest of my time tonight, sharing the gospel. Why shouldn’t we share the gospel?

Why should we tell people about a better way of salvation? And we’re almost chapter seven in verse number 21. Well, in Romans chapter three, that is in verse number 20. As Paul is writing to the Jew and Gentile, pretty much telling them they’re both understand. And Romans three in verse number 20 there, Paul talks about how it was being a witness in the law,

in the prophets. Basically what Paul says. If you watch the entire old Testament, God kept giving you hints concerning the Messiah coming into the world, Genesis 49 and verse 10, the SEPTA shall not depart from Judah nor the law giver between his feet until Shiloh come through. Why the entire old Testament, he kept giving us hints and prophecies that the Messiah was going to come.

Matthew chapter 53, that entire chapter, those 12 verses. Talk about that as well. And Isaiah two, one and two, he talks about the coming of his kingdom. Malecon chapter four, verse number one as well. Daniel two verse 44 says this kingdom is going to stand forever. Nothing is going to stop this kingdom from coming. Nothing is going to stop his kingdom from coming.

And here we are today. Some 2000 years down the road and the kingdom of God is still standing. First Corinthians chapter 15 and verse number 24 down to verse number 26. There, the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. Imagine if you can, tonight in your mind as a, her brother, Owen is a, a good preacher friend of mine talking about personifying death.

If you will, here, you have the devil and the death. If he was personified, if you will just imagine if you’re, if you can, tonight here, you have these two personalities saying we finally got the son of God. We finally got the God man. And then on day three, you can almost see Jesus making his way out of the Hadean world.

And just imagine if you were the devil kind of asked him where he was going. Jesus said, I’ll be leaving now because I have all power in my hands. Jesus’s last words before descending, what is he saying to us tonight? I want you to go to not just people. You like want you to go everywhere. I want you to tell people I’ve helped me.

I want you to tell them what they have to do to be safe. I want you to tell them that if they leave, what they’re doing, they become a disciple of me. How we’ll take care of them. God says I will be with you always. That’s the confirmation That he is going to take care of us. I will be with you always until the end of the world.

I’m going to be with you. And as a result of that, because I know he’s going to be with me always because I know even if I have a bad day in life, he’s with me, I’m still going to carry out the great commission. And then we get over to acts chapter eight and verse number one, and Jesus tells them, I want you to go.

And I want you to spread the gospel, Judea and Jerusalem, Judea Sumeria until the other most part of the earth. It’s interesting because when you look at acts chapter four and acts chapter five, when Peter and John are being persecuted for preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ persecution did not stop the gospel from going forth. If anything, it advance the gospel persecution.

Doesn’t stop us from preaching the word of God today. COVID doesn’t stop us from preaching the word of God today. Sickness doesn’t stop us from preaching the word of God today. Jesus commissioned for all of us tonight is to live it, just to learn it and to teach others. Why not become a Christian tonight? Why not obey the gospel tonight? The gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to Romans chapter one 16 through 17 is God’s power to save us from our sins. If you want to wait for you to be saved tonight, it’s not by some prayer. It’s not by just calling on his name. If you will. Well, we call on his name by doing what he says as to verse number 38 at chapter one and verse acts two in verse number 21 as well.

Don’t you want to go to heaven tonight this entire week, we’ve talked about the resurrection and we’ve talked about everything. The resurrection of force us, but don’t forget that the resurrection, because he got up from the tomb because he got up from the grave. If we’re faithful until death, we can go to heaven and that’s worth rejoicing about tonight. We can go to heaven and be with our Lord,

but you know what? You have to hold of the gospel first. You can’t go to heaven outside of the church. You can’t go to heaven. If you don’t obey the gospel. And the Bible shows us just how to do that. I don’t know who is and who isn’t a Christian in here tonight. But if you’re not a Christian, we want you to be one.

There are so many days in this world and this life we rejoice. Many of you will rejoice when you got married, when you have children and those days are, or, or just great. And we’ll always remember those days. What about the day you became a Christian? What about the day? You decided bury that old man to put that old man off Colossus chapter three,

verse five, to let that man die. So you can rise. Second Corinthians five 17 to be a brand new person to be a, a brand new creature in Christ, Romans 10, 17. Paul’s just so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The Hebrews writer says, but without faith, it’s impossible to please God for he that come up to God must believe that he is.

And that he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. We must be willing to humble ourselves and repent of our sins, confess him as Lord, Romans 10, nine, and 10. And upon that can efficient. We will baptize you for the forgiveness of your sins and what a great day that is going to be. There may be some here tonight who have failed and fallen short along the way.

All of us have done it. All of us have been there, but thankfully the blood of Jesus covers us first, John two, one and two first John one verse nine. And it cleanses us from all our sins. If we’re willing to confess them and ask them for that forgiveness, Jesus wants us to not just be a disciple, to not just be a Christian,

but to go make them as well. If we can help you tonight, we invite you to come. Why we’re standing while we sing.


Joshua Cantrell
Jesus’ Last Words Before Ascending
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