Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Words with Peter

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Ben Radford

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For blessing each of us to be alive and to be here at the Florida school of preaching to participate in this great lecture that he’s blessing us with thus far. I want to thank brother Bryan and also the board for giving me the privilege to participate. And I also want to thank the each of you for being here and especially the punch down the church of Christ that started in 2015 at Poinciana,

those sitting to my right right there in the middle is the majority of the points down the church of Christ. And also I have my co-labor with me, brother, Brian Johnson. We are so thankful for him and his great example of being a soldier on the battlefield for the Lord. Sometime you should talk with him and find out about the issues that he have in life.

And yet he continues to be on the battlefield for the Lord. And so that has been such an encouragement to me. And if you talk with him, it’d be an encouragement to you as well. Tonight, my lesson will be centered around John chapter 21 and the verses are 15 do 23, John chapter 21 verses 15 to 23. After his resurrection Christ appeared to his disciples on several separate occasions.

According to John chapter 21 in verse number 14, in this lesson, the disciples had traveled to the region of Galilee, specifically. They were at the sea of Tiberius, according to John chapter 21 in verse number one. And it is here where seven of the disciples of Jesus were found fishing. They encountered Jesus as he called out to them from the shore.

He asked them if they had any meat, they answered no. Thus. He told them to cast their net on the right side of the ship and they would find some fish they complied. And the Bible says that they caught about fifty three, a hundred and fifty three of them. And as soon as they came to land, they met up with Jesus and they had a fish and bread breakfast.

And I thought to myself, as I was reading this text, I said, some shrimp and grits would have been good to go along with that. But whatever Jesus provides us, oh, to suffice, isn’t that right? And so after this meal, Jesus began to focus in on one disciple out of the group, Simon, Peter, I want to talk a little bit about Peter,

because if you know the life of Peter, Peter was some type of character. There was a time when the time that he spent with Jesus shows different aspects of his personality. Peter’s personality identifies with so many of us today. Let me tell you a little about him. He is seen as one who assured in a time when he declared that Jesus was the son of God in Matthew chapter 16 in verse number 16 later,

we see him as one who is unsure with Jesus standing there right before his eyes. Jesus allowed him to walk on water. And as he began to walk, the wind began to blow. And Peter, like so many of us took his eyes off of Jesus. And as soon as that happened, he began to sing brother and sister. I want to tell you tonight when we walk with the Lord,

we got to keep our focus on the Lord and we do not keep our focus on the Lord. I promise you. We will begin to sink later. We see him as one who is unsure. Jesus allowed him to walk on water. He became afraid. We see him again as being loyal. When he declared that he would follow Jesus even to death,

Matthew chapter 26 in verse number 33, oh, not another occasion. We see him being disloyal when he denied the fact that he ever knew Jesus, Luke chapter 22, verse 57 to 16. Peter was a man of faith. When he initially stepped out on the ship in Matthew chapter 14, verse number 29. And when he left all to follow Jesus,

Luke chapter 18, verse 28, but there was a time when his faith would only allow him to follow Jesus a far off in warm at the enemy’s fire. He was a part of Jesus’s inner circle, but want it to be his best kept secret at times, Luke chapter nine, verse number 28 and also a chapter eight in verse number 51, brothers and sisters,

Peter had some ups and downs with his choices. However, the Lord could still use him. And thus Jesus asked in our text, Simon son of Jonas love his dial me more than these. There has been a lot of controversy on the identity of the more than these in this question. Some people believe that it’s the disciples. And some believe it’s the idea of Peter riff,

returning to fishing and to his old lifestyle and profession. In my research, I found most believe the more than these is referencing. Does Peter Love Jesus more than the other disciples? Love him. Guy in woods had this to say concerning the more than these, he says this in view of the context appears to be the more likely meaning on the night of the betrayal.

When the Lord predicted that his disciples would forsake him in the trials, through which he was soon to pass, he says Peter, with his usual, impetuosity spoke up and boldly asserted that though, all others for suck him, he would never do. So though, the save your words might be true with reference to the other disciples such it would never be.

So in his case, notwithstanding these vigorous affirmations of faithfulness and dedication by early morning, another day following, he had denied the Lord three times. The time had now come for the restoration of Peter and the probing was designed to impress the wavering disciple with the need for more caution and less boasting of his strength in the hour of trial, he goes on to say,

the question brought clearly before Peter, his weaknesses, his fall and its present condition. He says, he now knew not to dispute the law’s word. And so he said yellow. Now notice that I loved him. Brothers and sisters, family, and friends. While Peter was the focus of this particular question, I think it would be wise if each of us would examine the question.

Do you love me more? What this will do for us is it would help us to measure our relationship with Christ and see if there’s anything that we would allow to come before him a well noted and quoted scripture, but often misapplied or not applied as Matthew chapter six in verse number 33, but seek ye first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you notice again,

Peter, without hesitation, immediately answers and speaks with confidence of his love for Christ notice verse 15 again. So when they had died, Jesus said to Simon, Peter Simon, son of Jonah’s love is down me more than these. He said under him. Yeah, Lord thou knowest that I love thee. He said for unto thee unto him feed my lambs.

We must remember that love is best expressed in action rather than just giving lip service. Am I right about it? And John in first John chapter three and verse number 18, the apostle encourages us to love indeed and in truth and not simply in word and in tone, sometimes things are easier said than done. When push comes to show Jesus, he already knew that Peter was weak in this area because he had already denied Jesus on that fateful night.

During that occasion, Jesus turn and look, Peter right in the face as if to say, I told you, so Luke 22, 60 and 61, but at the same time now Jesus also knows how Peter wept bitterly. When he realized what he had done in Luke chapter 22 in verse number 62 brethren, it is said that the road to Hale is paved on good intentions.

Peter had no intentions on denying Jesus. His intention can be heard in his statement when he said he would die with the Lord before he would deny him Matthew chapter 26 and verse number 35. So the question is what happened if Peter had this type of commitment, what happened? I submit to you that he was depilling depending on a willing spirit, but for God,

about a week flesh, Jesus had instructed Peter to watch and pray for that week. Flashed up Peter like many of us, Matthew chapter 26, verse 41 to 43. He fell asleep. Many times we are falling asleep when we ought to be awake and we ought to be on a watch because the Bible affirms that we have an enemy out there. Peter says in first Peter chapter five and verse number eight,

be sober, be vigilant because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walking about seeking he’s lurking. For those, he wants to divide after Peter’s answer. Jesus turned to him once again, and he instructs him to follow through. With those words that came from his lips with action from his heart, he said, feed my lambs. I want us to notice here that Jesus is using their shepherd sheep metaphor here.

As he often did, many times, he would refer to as people as sheep or lamps while pointing to himself as the shepherd compare, John chapter 10 verses one through 15, you see the shepherd is the primary caregiver of the sheep. The sheep are totally dependent upon the shepherd and without the shepherd, watching them without the shepherd, leading them guiding and providing the sheet would be wild,

lost defenseless, and unable to fully provide for their own care. Compare Matthew chapter nine and verse number 36 shepherds not only watch out for the flop, but they make sure that they are fed. You know, as brother Brian was giving me the introduction and he said that I’m old school. I am so thankful to God that I’m old school. I walked up the brother,

Jim and clock this afternoon. And I said to him, I said, brother, I hope that God keep you around a long time. And the reason for that, there was a time when it was hard to find a seat in this auditorium. But I’m persuaded that in these trying times, people are depending on themselves, rather than depending on the Lord,

we need to depend on the Lord. Now it’s important for us during the sin that defeating that Jesus is concerned with here has nothing to do with bread and butter, but has everything to do with his people receiving the word of God, Matthew chapter four, and verse number four, Jesus would say, man, shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

And so at this particular occasion, Jesus calling on Peter to step up to the plate at work faithfully in his van. Y’all think back to the time when Peter so confidently. And so courageously spoke up and confess Christ to be the son of God. Jesus told him on this occasion that Peter and upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

In Matthew chapter 16 in verse number 18. Also when Jesus knew that Peter was going to deny him, he had a conversation with Peter and he said to Peter, he says, I have prayed for thee that the faith fail, not Luke 22 in verse number 32. He knew how Peter would be affected by the nine him, but he also knew where Peter needed to be in the great commission.

So Jesus in his questioning is working to restore Peter and bring him to the fullness of his calling. But for that to happen, Peter must truly know where his heart is. So Jesus asked love is, doubt me. Do you really love me more than these others? Do? I think it’s important for me to drop this off while I’m here rather than the sisters,

but it’s important for us to understand before we can help anybody else. We gotta know our own heart. The question of love must be answered by each one of us in verse number 16. Now Jesus asked Peter the second time, Simon son of Jonas love us. Doubt me. I want you to notice here the second time that Jesus leaves off the more than these part.

So the second time Jesus is really asking where the heart of Peter truly is. The examination of his heart goes deeper with each round of questioning. I want to tell you sometimes repetition, not only reflects on what was done in the past, but it opens one up to the truth of where they stand right now today. Nevertheless, doing this second round of questioning,

Peter held fast to his affirmation concerning his love for Jesus saying, yeah, Lord. Now notice that I love D and again, after receiving the answer, Jesus instruct Simon, Peter feed my sheep. Following those instructions, we find Jesus asking Peter. One more time. Simon son of Jonas love is thou me. This was the third time. Those words of hard inspection cane Bible tells us Peter was grieve because he said unto him the third time,

love us. Doubt me. You see this three time. Repetition certainly had to bring the Peter’s mind that three times out of his own mouth. He spoke words that said he didn’t even know Jesus, let alone follow him. And wasn’t fact, one of his closest disciples and personal friends, he was on his inner circle. But due to those denials,

he was now being challenged to answer the question with all of his heart. And he said unto him, Lord thou knowest, all things now know that I love the Jesus, instructs him again, feed my sheep. The line of questioning from the turret, them that Jesus, as compared to the previous two different in the Greek, we’re going to examine two kinds of love here.

According to Gary Edmonds, he, the first two times the Bible uses the a God pay form of love. He says, this type of love is understood to be a general meaning of the word. This love is not based on merit of the person love, but rather unconditional. And based on them as an image bearer of Christ, he says, this love is kind and generous.

He said he, it continues to give, even when the other is unkind, unresponsive and unworthy, I believe we all need to work on that. Isn’t that right? It only desires good things for the other and is compassionate. He says, but the third time that Jesus asks Peter, if he loves him, he uses for Layo, which speaks of affection,

fondness, and liking the other. He says, this love is companionable and relational is brotherly and his friendship love. He goes on to say, while a God paid is more universally understood is a more universally understood meaning of love. That is shown to a person from no doing of their own. He says, I’m intrigued that Jesus chose to use Vallejo as a way to force Peter to think deeper.

He wanted to know if Peter loved him, not just because of who he was in God, but rather that they had built a deep and intimate friendship. He wanted to know that Peter cared about him as a person and as a brother, he wanted Peter to know what true reconciliation looked like. And it required both kinds of love. Peter openly admitted that there is nothing hidden from Christ.

Everything is open before him, including Peter’s own heart. A lot of times we say, God knows our heart. We don’t know how true that is. He really knows our heart. Jeremiah said in a long time ago, the heart who can know it, he says it’s wicked. And so we gotta be careful with, depending on our heart, we gotta understand that God knows our heart.

Anything that Peter could reveal. Jesus already knew it. And he and he was, and he knew it all. And Peter was comforted that Jesus knew that he really did love him. Despite his flow background, Peter was so that he had what he thought he had. And thus, he appealed directly to the knowledge of the Lord. Notice what he said.

Lord thou knowest, all things down, knowest that I love for Leo. And again, Jesus command feed my sheep. Peter, if you love me so much, you shouldn’t be feeding my sheep after Jesus instructs, Peter, to feed his sheep. He transitioned from that line of questioning includes Peter, and about some of the things that he was going to face,

not only in his future service to the Lord, but in his death as well before his crucifixion, Jesus taught all his disciples that there was a cost in discipleship. He said in Matthew chapter 16 and verse number 24, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. This is something that Peter could relate to.

As Jesus explained to him, what is death? He should glorify God with or what death rather he should glorify God with in verse number 18. Other texts. Jesus gave Peter a comparison of how his life looked when he was young and how the events would play out. When he’s old, while freedom was his and Peter could Gert itself and walk. Whether he wanted to.

He said that there was a time when this truth would not be. So Peter would lose his freedom and he will be bound. He says, thou shall stretch forth that hand. And another shell Gurdy instead of tying his own garments, another would possibly tire put him in chains and carry him. Wherever the places that he wouldn’t go, it would be a his wheel.

And he would die a death that will bring glory to God in verse number 19, when he had thus spoken this, he said, unto him, follow me. This is the only way we can follow the Lord excepted. We must live. Stay with me now. God glorifying lives. We must not forsake God. We do not avoid God. God is everything to us.

And it shouldn’t be seen in our lives. Jesus said that we ought to be a light to the world. The question tonight is, are you ready to accept this call? Follow me. Christ is Peter’s example of life and service and he is ours. And he is inviting his disciples, his followers from all generation to join his journey and follow him.

The life of Christian is not where everything is a bed of roses. I can tell folk that if life is a bed of roses, you got to understand that it comes with some phones. The life of the Christian can be a challenging service. That requires a lot of sacrifice. And in some cases, even life itself, there have been many instances throughout history.

And there are in many areas of the world today where people pay the high cost of discipleship. May God help us not to take lightly the freedoms we enjoy in this country in verse number 20, the Bible says then Peter turning about Cynthia disciple, whom Jesus loved following, which also leaned on his breast at supper and said, Lord, which is heat.

That betray of deed, verse 21, Peter sing himself to Jesus Lord. And what chef this man do. Jesus said unto him. If I will, that he tarry till I come, what is that? To the follow thou me verse 23 says then went to sang abroad among the brethren that the disciples should not die. Yet. Jesus said not unto him.

He shall not die. But if I will daddy Terri, till I come, what is that? Today? Each of us have our own burden to bear Galatians chapter six and verse number five. Your health may be better than others. Your wealth may be great and you can tour the world and live a good life. On the other hand, your health could be terrible.

You might be suffering and others are not one of the things we got to understand. Brother and sister, we can’t control how we all die. And matter of fact, we can’t control when we’re gonna die. James chapter four, verse 13 to 15, however what’s important to us or should be is that we use whatever we’re experiencing to the glory of God.

First Corinthians chapter 10 in verse number 31, Jesus answered to Peter. Simply. Don’t worry about John. What does that matter to you? If John remains until our turn, you follow me, Jesus was concerned about Peter’s obedience to follow him in the same way we must follow until he comes, we ought to be glorifying God in everything that we do,

but we got to understand Jesus. His words can be, can be verified as you, you, some people took Jesus’ word the wrong way rather than taking what he said at face value. Some spread the sand about what said stated that the disciples should not die. Yet. Jesus said not unto him. He shall not die. But if I will,

that he tarry till I come. What is that? To the, the clear understanding of the Bible and its teaching, including what Jesus is. Teaching here requires proper interpretation and communication of the word that is of utmost important. There is indescribable value in the word of God, to them that believe and hold dear it’s truth. I want to encourage you tonight to read it,

absorb it for the treasure that it is and say like the Psalmus Psalms 119 in verse number 18, the Samba says open mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of dialogue. As Christians, God expects us to follow Christ in every sense of the word, Christ is our God and everything as he lived. So too, we are called to live first,

John chapter two and verse number six, the Bible tells us, he said he, he, that says he abides in him. Oh, himself also. So to walk, even as he walked, Christ is our standard whereby we measure the life we live and his standards are the guide to our pathway. We’re so thankful that we can sing the song up from the grave here,

rose with the mighty triumph of his soul. He arose a Victor from the dark domain and he lives forever with the saints to rain, hallelujah, Christ or rose less as yours.


Ben Radford
Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Words with Peter
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