Old Testament Resurrections

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Larry Williams

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and thoughts. People to understand our business. The three persons will resurrect and the old Testament 17 second and second Kings 13, verse 14. Now the first one that we consider today, the zero passive middle son resurrected was green snow with idolatry Kings Ray. You have wanted also one change the time of worship place,

or what show and select from all of the tribes of the Jews who is jars. We excited to biases in the town of Michael’s washed and said the first case where, Hey, these Bible in both basically following state man, every golf suit, oh, there. Keep the two kingdoms separately, adopted a care washer, the religion of Asia as a sustaining religion,

excuse me, formed the campaign to stand as a symbol of Israel’s independence of Jews, Jerusalem rulings, or not wait until she fed the 17 of was Aubrey and the city of St. Mary, the Royal tablet in the temple and an all male for in first Kings 16, verse 32, drifted deep by viewing the bale simple and bales alter,

usually sub-area. And the days of Elijah, the prophet, the prophet is described as having video during the rain here, we use real schemes, a haze in your home doing the first half of the 19th of the ninth. Introducing far more. They have a the door abuse but all practical purposes, the ranger control of the verse 16 verse 31 financially.

So horrid for hundreds of years to profits avail in 400 prophets of Ash, she assumed the profits jihad, you know, honest to a whole was washed first Kings 18 verse, not Elijah, the prophet of idolatry in his home. And he’s as law, they appeal your profit. They have no value at all there, and I’m not alone. And they see my live Roman.

So that diversity number three, doing these days it was good to convey that Israel had turned from the God of Abraham to the God. They sacrifice their songs, their laws, as they practice the fortunes and interpretive and gage to rich Deuteronomy 18 verse the Bible, the, the battle Mount Carmo between the prophet into a album. Elijah said until the prophet you and and they took the ball,

which was given don’t know you’re the best and call over. They will bail for morning, Eva. Same. Oh, there your house where they was move on. You all was there to be answer that’s Eli. So mom said, I don’t know. Well, he used it dog it must be a way with knives, investors and it was so fast that they prophesied and through the time of the orphan believing whether you’re going to be the horse,

the answer, knowing it is verse 18. So why the prophet to their handmade all of this year, maybe an ax working with Coles and fascinated with the ham. And they went into the forest. They warm, the homes would have off of here they furnished their home with enough, all of it. Then they’re calling and moving it out and been marked it out with a pencil and shape.

And if many of you to wait until this be a good man and good and decorating, you ready to go? they’re gospel enough. So, you know, you have another ball and Isaiah four, four Jacob, the golf fashion, and this is the backdrop that’s around the dad of a Jared’s house and our paths, widows being raised.

So in this last part is free for three and a half years, without you at the land abuse in the who also that’s still all out the dog. doing the grout, the profit, the goals is there. And as he lash out, when he got into the game, he saw the window downstairs and when you,

when you please bring me a little water, as she was going to get a Walker and Paul threw her up and said, buy the bread to. Yes. You all over your videos. I have a daughter care. in a job in a little while. that and dress it for us that we may be given a first.

So you’re not, but they’re going to be maybe the little kid first and bring it up to me. And I’m the want to make sure you and your song Cozort if you just pause and then she went and did an audit of your last job and she either house the job near the the whole into the word of Jehovah,

which you expect to Elijah first getting 70 in so Snyder song the song upstairs, and he loves it. A prophet evil above the widow’s house. Explain job. Three times. proud of the Jehovah, let the child. So what the Bible says about and the soul of the child gave them to him again, and the child,

you brought him down out of the chamber to the house, in the living room to his mother. the woman said, now I know the word is true. Verse two. So she’ll go off working with Christian. And as you did with the gin house here that long, he was all he can do as he resists. Number three,

the audits with a civilian number three controls for, from the day I open blessed Angela will be doing a job. Joe Powell, less risky. have to provide the next section shows Christian. Christian will remain faithful to his word. go to Gossman. will follow. As they’re used, we’ll have an office with the three minute to first file.

As he wasn’t concerned with of all modes person will 15. First of all, we want now there’s five and asked as he provides this all one experienced area, right time and all resurrection reveals off our fusion. Christians. That will be. Then the walls use assessor. If he had followed his master with the lodge,

it was a young man Israel. utilize a mega, saw this master disappear. you feel home and to vote. Also, the metal will fail if it fails from here. And when we went back in the school and they came to profit off of you guys, just as he lies, he made his regular spirit to the standard of Sudan and he medicine persuaded him to eat bread with her yes.

Table. assume maybe ask her, ask you, Hey, what dust issue, whether the CDK or whatever, to the fact that the shooter by a woman answers there, I wear my people know where my people will take care of me. Utilize the server. You haze are scared that she has no songs and the whole involved with a child.

And he said, call her, you called her. And he said, now. So embrace the song. And she said, Hey, mom, because he figured a dog asked you first, before the mall, God gave her, gave her a song and it always Genesis 18 verse number nine, where the child was growing up.

He went out to the to be with his father, as they want to repeat all the child. my head, my head. So the father is about in this era, the child and the child in the child, then the supervisor, what would she took the child? Well, you put it maybe like, no matter what we’re requesting,

give me one of your sons and the dog and the rash, where he lives the walls. And when she came to the man of God to the heel, she call hold on, this away. for me and has not told me. And then she said, you’re not on here. I say 17, four first. And then you guys had this passenger,

Hey, stop you sir, with her. But the supervisor, the woman, the mother of the child and then she wouldn’t be utilized and went out. Now, this is so powerful to say, Christian, as he blessed by the woman personal. And at times when you get depressed, number two. What you do here.

First of all, as he provided what we should go by, and one of our families, the number three, yet It’s done ass. As he, he can motivate Chris done to help others. As he motivated the shooter mind, woman to provide shelter and food for Elijah, the prophet number four, and he can best Cray sentencing in Oles.

As he blessed, issued on my woman and her husband with a song and that whole age, and he, he can raise number five and he can raise Christian from the dead and the general resurrection as he raised his you on my woman’s in the days that off he lies. Now this section show this section two shows that God’s concerned for Christian as he was,

as he was concerned for the faithful shoot on my woman, in her son in the missed that off rank idolatry, God’s concerned with Christian. He will never leave them nor forsake them for God is concerned about their families, their children, their jobs. He’s concerned about all that. They have it in there. It’s alive. Well for someone to say that God is not concerned for us is to ignore this story.

This story shows God’s law for men. God’s love for the world. And God said love for the world to come. This session three shows God’s provision for Christian, as God provided for the shooter, might woman God would provide for Christian knees for every day of their lives God’s provision. But today he has sufficient to sustain Kristen for all that they will experience the day for God is fully aware of everything that we will experience in life.

God’s provision will ensure that his wheel will be, will be accomplished on earth. As in heaven, I got one more. Do I have time? So I’m not depressed at the end, but I got more so as the dead man who touched the Elijah’s, the bones was resurrected. Second, 17, second Kings 13 verse 20, the dead man who touched the Elijah’s bone shows God power God’s power for Kristen to provide for them.

As he provided Victoria to guests to leave for king Josh over Syria, Joe us, they, the 12th king of Israel who reigned for 16 years over Israel for me to one to 7 86 BC second Kings 13, verse 10. And the angle of Jehovah was kindled against Israel because of their hot dollar tree with the bell and God delivered Israel into the hand of hazy,

hail the king of Syria and into the hand of being a dad. That’s on the ACL of second Kings 13 verse number three. Yeah. And Joanne, the king of Israel visited Elijah on his death bed in respect of the prophets, great miraculous works and faithfulness to Jehovah at second Kings 13, first number three. Now he realized was falling sick fall in sick of his sickness,

where it off he died. And Joe Ash, the king of Israel came down under him and wept over him and said, my father, my father, the chairs of Israel and the horsemen who said they at off at second Kings 13, first 14, Elijah employ the king Joanne, and to take a bowl in air roll. And Elijah laid his hand up on the Kings upon the king Joe ass hands.

And then the king Joe has, was informed by the Lija to, to open the ease of window and to shoot. They had rolled. And Elijah explained to the king Jehovah’s arrow of victory. Even the hero victory, hobo Syria for you shall smite the Sierra and APAC that you have consumed them. And then he lies should inform the king to take the ad roll and strike it up on the ground.

And he struck it up on the ground, instructed upon the ground three time in the lives of the man of God was angry with the king and said, you should have a struck, did five, six time. Then had you beat serious Syria into beat. Syria had consume it where it has and now where it is. And now you shall strike Syria,

but thrice, the us Eliza died and they buried him. And as time marched on a man that died in the community and in his funeral procession, they noticed a morality in bands that have more bites entering the land. And they with great haste placed the dead man’s body. And he lives his grave for the purpose of escaping from their enemies. And,

but, and but when the dead man touched the bones of Elijah and he became alive again, and he stood up on his feet where the beacon Bible commentary says of that dead man’s resurrection that the miraculous power, but associated with Elijah bones was intended to show. Joanne said that God’s power would be manifest in victory over Syria, even after Elijah’s death. Well,

the broad man Bible commentary says that the dead man was to contact the bones of Elijah was raised Powell of old respect. The accounts of the return of the life of the man who bought it was thrown up on the bones of your lives. And when the barrel party was frightened by the bands of the Moabite, you illustrate the veneration and the all with wish utilize your was held within the schools of the prophets and elsewhere in the latter days,

the message that we would get from this, this notice shows that the power of God promises Christian or accurate, as the promise was defined about the temporary victory of king George over Syria. Number one, God will always be with us. Number two, God will always be in control of our lives. And we allow him a number three. God will always a watch over over here.

The Christians and God will always lead Christian victoriously God’s concern for Christian, as he was concerned for the promise of Eliza, which was made to Kings by raising the dead man who touched the bones of Elijah in the grave. He’s concerned that Christian enemy will not defeat them. He’s concerned that the Christian know that he’s always with them though. They might lose a loved one or some stable individual in their lives.

But listen, God is still at there. And he’s concerned that that Krista knows that they can know him, abide in him and to be with him. God’s profusion with Kristen is assured as he provided or the keto acid by raising the dead man who touched the bones of Elijah in the grave. So then God provides the means by which people can earn a living.

He gives Christians a natural talent so that they can call the fate for themselves and support their family. So provers 12 in verse twenty-five anxiety, anxiety, and a man’s heart weighs him down. What a good word makes him glad. First Peter five verse seven cast, all your cares upon him. Why? Because he cares for you. And I say,

we may not care for what Allah says, but there is somebody greater than us who do care for us. Philippians four, verse six, do not be anxious for anything by prayer and supplication, with everything for, we know that while I say that again and do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your requests be made,

known unto God. God’s profusion for Christina. He will protect Christians and give them peace from their enemies. As he did for the king. George, you’re getting my concluding notes in these three people, resurrected it or in these three people resurrected it from the day. It should assure Christian Ariane becoming effective followers of Christ and fishers of me. And he said,

unto them, go into all of the world and preach the gospel to whoever they want so that they may become saying, thank you.


Larry Williams
Old Testament Resurrections
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