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Why Was Jesus Called the Christ? Part 3

The term “Messiah” occurs only twice in the New Testament, and both times it contains a brief explanation of what it means.: “Messiah … which is translated, the Christ” (John 1:41), and “Messiah … who is called Christ” (John 4:25).
There are good reasons for this as we have shown in this series of articles. The first part of this study examined Old Testament background of the term “Messiah” and how the expectations of “Messiah” changed during the intertestamental period. The second part of this study considered the term “Messiah” in the first century and how it was viewed when the “voice of one crying in the wilderness” broke that silence and what that means for us today. This concluding part examines what “Messiah” meant to the first century church and what it means for Christians today.