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2010 (Print) - Do You Understand Expediency?

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A Brief Description:
God has given His church both a job to do and the tools to do that job. How do we properly use those tools? The introduction to the book states “Perhaps it could be said that expediency is the ‘go-between’ that connects what God requires of us and our being able to fulfill it.”

Do You Understand Expediency? guides the reader in determining the scope and limits of expediency. Five chapters discuss the meaning of expediency, permissive silence, the conscience, and more. Next, fifteen chapters cover matters of visualizing and applying expediency. The section on forums cover expediency abuses in anti-ism and liberalism and expediency in the eldership and brotherhood. A practical appendix includes an expediency chart, a discussion of missionary societies, a lesson on churches, ministers, and taxes and more!

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