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1999 (Print) - What Does It Mean To Be A Christian Like Paul?

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A Brief Description:
“Be ye an imitator of me, even as I am of Christ.” Such was the plea of the Apostle Paul. A study of his life will help today’s Christians learn how to change our lives, deal with our pasts, fight the good fight, and teach sound doctrine.

The book opens with a study of Paul, Our Great Example. Questions like Paul Changed Religions. Could you? Did Paul make a mistake? and others are discussed as well as a 3 part series of lessons on Paul, an example to preachers. The next section handles Paul’s teaching on doctrinal matters such as baptism, fellowship, the 2nd coming, and more. Section three discusses these questions:
How did Paul view customs and traditions? (head coverings, offending a weaker brother, and more)
How did Paul address special issues? (homosexuality, marriage, divorce, and remarriage and more)
How did Paul reach the lost? And How did Paul solve problems?

The book ends with biblical and practical answers to matters such as anti-ism, marriage to a non-Christian, remarriage after the death of a mate, and more. A highly useful and practical book for every Christian’s library—and life!
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