Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus’ Resurrection

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Brian R. Kenyon

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This morning, the first lesson here, old Testament prophecies about Christ resurrection. The resurrection in general, in the old Testament is very, you know, you’ll see a lot of discussion about that in the old Testament, you know, speak about a bodily resurrection at the end of the time. And of course, if you look at all the old Testament passage about general resurrection,

probably Daniel 12 two comes the closest, if not actually a prophecy about the final resurrection of all people at the end of time, but you can see a lot of discussion, particularly in the book of Joe. For example, John 14, 14, if a man dies, shall I do it again? And many people will use that as the prophecy of the resurrection of the general resurrection at the end of time.

But I didn’t know that the context there, and we’ll see some jokes in connection with Christ from after the particular seal in the grave. And just a moment, but in the context of scenes that Joe is not affirming that there’s going to be a resurrection. He is just using that as a condition. You know, her as a, as a, as a,

a hypothetical situation, if man guy shall he live again. And the reason why I would say this versus before and after that, he assigned that there’s more hope for a tree that’s cut down than for a man to die without his, you know, without this situation, Joe was experiencing being resolved. And remember the bulk of the book of Joe, you know,

most of us know the first two chapters and the last chapter where everything is restored and all that. But the whole book spoke of the book of job is our job to reconcile his suffering, which is only associated in his builder. And even in ours today with someone who has scanned and mentioned. And so job’s a praying, rather most of the books that he is going to die,

but now being vindicated, he knows yet Sante deserved it. And he began to question whether God knows that, and that’s a whole nother study by itself, but when it comes to the resurrection of Christ and that you have to affirmed, you know, as Peter fixes that Cerner, that fabric to make three points first 20 to 30 minute Israel hear these words,

Jesus is an African man, you as yourself though. That’s his first point that Jesus was sent from God, but he does not want to prove that because as he says, as you all know, and so he does not go on to prove that later, all these things were not done. The second point though, in acts chapter 2.3,

that of counseling for God, then he was delivered by the permanent counseling three, that he was resurrected from the frame by that same term, telephones more dogs. God. Now those last two, Peter does go on route one of the crews anyways, from song 16, eight to 11. That’s one of the pastors that we’re looking at here, just a moment.

And so, wow. There’s question outside of Daniel 12 two, you know, about the resurrection of all people at the end of time, there’s no doubt. At least there’s three for sure about three prophecies and we are familiar with, and we have probably heard what’s our present. These you’ll see that. And then a fourth one out of the book of Hosea that does indicate that and look at that in just a moment,

but that’s not one that you will usually consider as an ag policy, otherwise fraction of the price. So we appreciate wars. There’s research probably about, you know, the main points of what I look at is make points. But, and you know, I did read his and all that stuff in here. And so he had this, one of the things about and shift likeness.

Whereas we say this almost every year, give me a car, you know, he’ll ride one, one lesson for the book and then he’ll preach another lesson and it gets you going, it’s all relative. You know, it’s all relevant to today. And so you really get two lessons for the crosswalk. So we’ll have the book and some of the speakers will be here and we’ll have people filling in.

And so you’ll get two lessons for the price for long. And so we do that, but anyway, so old Testament prophecies about Christ, resurrection. And so we will start with Psalm 16. So 16 verses eight through 11, Psalm 16, eight and 11. And again, this is a song Peter quoted in which Peter quoted in acts chapter two,

Psalm 16, over there in Psalm 16 there, of course it’s attributed to David usually. So 16 is, but we have the, of course the whole song is 11 verses. And again, those verses that talk about his trust in God, Amber 16, preserver you God, for you for you. I put in you, I put my trust whole,

my soul. You have stood to the Lord. You come on the order. My greatest is nothing apart from you. As for the saints who are on the earth, they are excellent, wants a new is all by the blacks. And so he puts his trust in God. He realizes that I not read that the idol gods are not worth anything.

Verse four, their sorrow Shelly multiplied the basement after another God. And I’m waiting for you to do things in translation, their drink offerings offered or take up their names.. So I would ask, I got three cannot be trusted with God can, and God has his fortune verses five through seven, who Lord your course of my parents and my cup.

You came by law. The lives that fall on to me in pleasant places. Yes, I have a good arrogance. I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel. My heart also instructed me, instructs me in the night seasons. And then the verses that we are most concerned with, and this refers to the resurrection of the spine in verses eight through 11.

David is confident that people well internally with the lore. Now this confidence welling internally with the lore, you know, doesn’t apply a resurrection. Although, you know, just like Paul about, you know, you know, now we look through a glass darkly, but then face to face or a mirror. And so, you know, the old Testament teaching on this may not have been as plain and clear as when the new Testament explains it,

but it’s still there. It’s still there in the old Testament and verse eight, he said, I have set forth or I’ve set the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand, has come not being booed. Therefore, my heart is glad and my glory rejoices, but also will rest in who for you will not leave my soul. And she’ll normally you allow your holy one to see corruption.

You will show me the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy. And that’s your right hand are pleasures for an ever. But David there says love themselves. Like if we had no new Testament revelation, you we’re just going by what David says. He assigned them themselves that the Lord will not leave my soul and she’ll or Haiti or the grave.

In fact, it may do as well to look at this and you know, what does he mean by shield? And this graphic here comes with a log on of software. And this is, as you see there, the ancient Hebrew concept of university ancient Hebrew concept of the universe. And of course, I know that print is probably too small for you to read,

but along here Well, his house, Scott Holden sky. And when I say it says the earth is asleep around or something like that for the idea was voltage. You know, you look down and you see a voltage sky there’s atmosphere. And so the other man is, is applied it’s by looking at it, the circle of the earth and this kind of thing.

And she owns right here, she old and this little, whatever she old school we’re here. Well, oh wait, I can read it. last year, the was a watery or dusty prison for where to go on return. And we’ll see some passes on that. Here we are in the physical place, easier could be reached only through dead their shield.

Okay. And when we get to this Jonah, you know, Joan and we’ll talk about secret to his belly, Nepal not being down, she’ll down a new terminology, like the roots of the mountain down. And she’ll, he’ll talk about that. But she owns that place. Then we would probably like that more with Hades in the new Testament.

And of course the Hadean round and the new Testament next for Luke 16 has your Abraham’s bosom. And then it has she old them, the old Testament doesn’t really have that. Let’s just play for media around. Of course, just the name shield doesn’t include all that. But the other studies and stuff on that, where the, for sure about how to get to the new Testament,

Luke 16 for 10 explains that horrible. And so here, when that’s, when I’ll leave my soul in shield, David’s talking about when he dies, he’s going to go there, but he is competent again, before we get into the new Testament, Psalm 16, 11, he is competent that he will not be left there forever again. So that applies even with David,

then it applies a resurrection at least, you know, have a cane. Now people said they had all of that in mind. I don’t know if you remember when Abraham would offer up eyes that he was trying to tells us a reckoning that he can raise from the day, you know, when he killed, but that’s not what God had in mind the whole time.

Anyway, as we find out later, Genesis 22, but that’s that shield that shield now pass it up there. Two seven verse nine. Now this is a joke answering elephant as I’m leaving this right? Check it out here. Joe answers to LFS beginning in verse six, your management said, and then chapter seven, verse nine. And of course he says,

you know, as the cloud has appeared as advanced as the way. So even goes down to the grave does not come up. You shall never return to this house for sale. This place, no him any more. And so Joe said, she’ll, I hop in return. And in content, of course, he made him stay in the terms of this earth and all that.

Then the contact with brown again, and those middle chapters, chapter three, all the way to chapter 40 or 38 and the Lord start speaking to him and all that. But the bulk of Joe he’s trying to, he is, is trying to figure out how is this going to be reconciled at the end? And that’s why throughout the book, you’ll challenge God to beat your medicine word or law.

He lay it out for himself, Edison and all that. But you know, he is in she’ll. He can find reps, you know, there’s other paths that kind of look at all of them. Look at the joke, kid joke, TN joke in verses 11, but actually 19. And this is him answering bill that again, if you go back up to verse chapter eight in verse one,

then she answered and said, and then chapter nine and Joe said, and then chapter 10, you have a continuation of that. But in Joe kin verse 19, why then you brought me out of the womb now here in his response to build that. And Phil do this throughout the dialogue here, he’ll directly answer one of the three friends. And then they’ll also get a little aside and talk to God.

Correct. And so that’s what he’s doing here. And why have you brought me out of the womb per se? 18. Oh, that I had Harris and nobody had seen me. I would have been as though I had not been, I wouldn’t have been cured from a, from wound for the brave, are you not? leave me alone.

And then they take a little copper before I go to the place from which that Sheva, we turn and he’s thinking he’s going to die. In some cases, wishing he was going to die, but he never did not contemplate suicide. He wanted to leave all that to God before I go to the place in which they have to the land of darkness,

verse 21 in the mill and the shadow that they land is darkness. Darkness. A cell has shadowed them without any order or even the light is light darkness. And so she’ll, and some of the things he says about that now, well, some of the things you said about that, it’s not inconsistent with what we know from the new test, but that’s what he’s saying.

And of course, you know, if you’ve ever been through a gym over there and you realize that all of us, when we are struggling like that, you know, one minute we’re praising God the next minute and all that. And so in other words, he may not literally mean all he says, but anyway, so it was all from God.

Talk to him, that’s a little bit about feel and you know, not get too far away up here, but I’ll just paraphrase that for you. Deuteronomy 30 verses 11 through 14, Moses is saying, and this is something, another lesson, but this is something we need to realize. Moses said, it’s possible to keep the law of Moses. It not impossible.

He said it is possible. It doesn’t require you to want to read that because of the language there in verse 11 of the commander, which I command you today is not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off. It is not inhibit. They usually say, if you’re on the set in the net and four of us and brand two of us that we may hear and do,

nor is it beyond the sea that you should say, who will go to the sea for less and bring it to us and we may hear it and do, but the word is very near you in your mouth and in your heart that you may do it. And he’s talking about the law of Moses, see verse four 14 there, but he’s talking about,

and if I read that sounded familiar to you because Paul used to that Romans 10, six through eight talks about the not, but even the law of Moses, it was not impossible to know it in the fall. It wasn’t possible to be justified by it without price. But you know, when you see the law and the sacrifices and all that kind of thing,

David towing and all of that week through the flash moment, taper street and Hebrews eight, eight finding fault with them, he decided, he said he would make a cup. So that’s a whole nother lesson, but those are the lanes that it uses. And so Paul says the same thing. But notice when he, when, when Paul talks about in Romans,

he talks about the sea going the depths of the sea because the sea with all the associated with she all is Ray. And then John was going to show that horse as well. And even in revelation, 2011 through 15, the sea gave up the dead and he gave up the dead and you know, death and Hades were passing into the lake of fire.

Just a second head said, well, we have lessons on both good, but anyway. And so that’s kind of a picture of shield there. But with again, with Paul uses that in Romans 10, in Romans 10, the rice was a face facing this way. You don’t say your heart will send it to him. That is to bring Christ down from above and who to send it to the fifth,

to this degree of pride from the dead. Those are sent into the abyss that may be in rep was before Jesus is not there anyway, because from Dre he wrote, right? So David did not speak to himself concerning this. We’ll get into all that because he is dead and buried in the separator or his to was with us under this day. But notice in first Kings 13 verses 34 and 37 that he raised him from the dead.

And this is Paul referring to the same song as well as to with Peter. Does it fall? And then he raised her from the dead. No more for return to corruption. He has spoken. Does, I will give you the sure. Mercies of David there. Braille says, and another song you will not allow your holy one to see corruption.

All right. And I’m going to go through these really quick, Isaiah 53, 9 11. That’s something you’re familiar with that and show up for the longest days. I just want you to note verses eight and nine says you can cut off his grave when he may, and then later it says, you see, you will see a seed is next to me for a long,

he will see the labor of the soul. Even after the dead. He’s going to see all these things which implies resurrection, Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly, of course, tons of pastors talk about three days, three nights. Can you just watch three days to be nice? And the bread as a sign of Joanne, he give us a Matthew 12 and the first century Greco-Roman world.

This is something that I didn’t know until a couple 3, 4, 5 years ago, whatever a cereal was done added into the numbering system. I’m leading to like 600, you know, which I always wondering, why is the first century, you know, 125 flash the 21st century, 2000. Nope. And that’s why right. There are a part in that.

But if you’re gonna be a loop camp for 30 13 32, here’s an illustration. He said to them, go tell that Fox talking about here, people, the cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow. And the third day, I shall be perfect. Now article for, if we were to say in three days, we would meet these already Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but in their thoughts where they say three days, yes, today, Tuesday when. And so that’s the difference in where they counted. And also, I don’t have it on this slide, but also Greco Roman world equal. They were not really concerned about precisely this and most of their numbers. That’s why I said book road and a billion preaching.

There was Christmas out of town while I was there. But I made a comment in a sermon that on that day there were 3000 souls and I know her name was. I forgot password. First name was to jump, jump up. She thinks she’s repairing school teacher. She was 11 years now about, you’ll see that word about before a number,

all over the place in the new Testament, they were not concern with recite number like we are today. I mean their worst, but anyway, that’s children. And then we’ll see I’ll arrive Thursday and just summarize all this for assessing stuff in the book on that doesn’t seem likely to be the leader. That’s talking about a resurrection at the end, but neither of those and Lucille,

and what he’s talking about, Israel, his nation after punishment for sands and the captivity, but going back to the applies to that Matthew chapter two, about Jesus Joseph taking him in Egypt and then inherit God’s sake and come back. And he quotes that person called my son who the same could be said about verses one and two. When you compare that with Luke 18 verse 33,

and of course you have, you know, after the scourging of Superman, they will kill him on the third day, he will arise. But that expression on the third day, he will arise in Greek is exactly the same. This is the expression in the sand for you, have you noticed your tuition is not expired and God, God, Providence and hand was definitely involved in that.

It was not expired yet. It reads the exact same thing, except for the ending here is, you know, over here, it’s plural, over here because they will kill him over here. It’s plural. We will arrive and everything else is exactly the same in the original language. And then of course you do have, and even that in verse 1833 seems to be an allusion back to those,

see us six verse two tickets. And so that day we can put that in the category of an old Testament, prophecy of the price. And so I just want to close on this verse. Second Corinthians one verses eight and nine and nine. And well, just this right here. It was quicker for me to read it and then just paraphrased it.

And we do not want you to be Hagar and brethren, our trouble, which came to the us and Asia that then we heard beyond measure. Most fractures. We would disparity even apply. Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead, that’s where I trusted. If he could raise the dead as a show through Jesus,

that’s proceeded our next lesson. Even in the old Testament, he can help us out. That’s the application.


Brian R. Kenyon
Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus’ Resurrection
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