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2000 (Print) - Do You Understand Preaching?

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A Brief Description:
The Bible declares How beautiful are the feet of them …” Yet the role of a preacher is often misunderstood. Members of the church often confuse the preacher’s tasks with those of the elders. Those who aspire to become preachers do not have a complete picture of what they will experience. Even those who have been preachers for many years become discouraged and need strengthening in their work.

Do You Understand Preaching? can help with all this and more. Eight chapters discussing crucial areas in a preacher’s work open the book. Four examples—good and bad—of Bible preachers are given next. Practical studies such as loving people, being peacemakers, working for small congregations and more follow. The forums section includes lessons on preachers and influence, preachers and expediency, preachers and public opinion, and mistakes made by preachers. Of special interest is a section by women on being a preacher’s wife, the role of women in the church, and more. The book closes with more than 200 pages of “interests” including lessons about Marshall Keeble, preachers and song leading, comforting the bereaved, weddings, and more.

This book would make a great gift for any preacher or preacher-to-be.

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