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1998 (Print) - Meeting the Challenging Tests of Life

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A Brief Description:
We live in the world, but we are not to be of the world. How do we avoid the dangers of the lion who seeks to devour us? How can a Christian successfully meet the challenges that try to trip him up in his walk with Christ?

Meeting the Challenging Tests of Life offers practical answers to these questions. The book opens with lessons we can learn from the lives of Jesus, Joseph, and Peter. The next section assures us that tests will confront us at every stage of life and gives help and hope for navigating through those tests. Included in that section are chapters on losing a mate or a child, your income, or your health. Personal tests such as struggling with our conscience, being in poverty, being a young person, and more are next. The last two sections focus on tests preachers and congregations must deal with.

The last section is bonus material from Winfred Claiborne. Three chapters discuss the questions of how the church is to use the Lord’s money:

Do we help non-Christians from the church treasury? Do we support Christian education? Can one church send funds to help another church with an evangelistic work?

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