Requirements for Graduation
Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements totaling 120 semester credit hours,* a diploma will be granted to the graduate.
The student must have demonstrated proper Christian character.
Each student must complete satisfactorily all the prescribed courses (including chapel participation during morning classes). There are no electives in the regular curriculum.
An overall 2.0 GPA must be maintained.
Any student having an “F” or “I” on his record must remove it before graduation, if the subject is needed toward qualifying for graduation.

*These credit hours may be adjusted pending night classes or credited classes from other institutions with the Director’s approval.

Clock and Credit Hours
Each day class meets three hours per week for sixteen weeks (48 total clock hours). Full-time students who attend the maximum amount of day-time classes offered each semester will attend ten classes per week. These classes are 3 credit hours each, making a total of 30 credit hours per semester, which is equivalent to 480 clock hours per 16 week semester (total of 1,920 for the two year course). For graduation requirements, see page 14.

Extension classes are 2.5 credit hours each, making a total of 40 clock hours per 16 week semester for each night class taken. These classes are offered one or more nights per week, see the class schedule in this catalog.

Full-time students, taking a minimum of 25 clock hours, will not be allowed to work at secular employment. Some students attend classes at night, and they do engage in average workday employment, thus creating no problems in supplying their funds for attendance in school.