We Need Your Help

Since 1969 the work of training men to preach has been going on in Lakeland, Florida. No good work takes place without giving and sacrifice, and our work has been blessed because many churches of Christ, as well as Christian men and women, have been willing to contribute to our work. Will you fellowship with us in this effort to train men to preach the gospel? There are a number of different ways to contribute to this work. Some contribute to our work on a regular basis while others do so on an intermittent basis as they have the ability. Both methods are greatly appreciated and no gift is too small.

Wills and Trusts

Many have helped us through the years via their estate. Without these very generous donors this work might have ceased long ago. Many are surprised at how much wealth they have ac­cumulated in a lifetime. In addition to providing for the needs of surviving family members, it is possible to continue to exert influence for good in this life by means of a gift to sustain those working in God’s kingdom.  We are prepared to meet with you person­ally about our work. To make arrangements for a visit with a personal representative of the Flor­ida School of Preaching, please contact us via the information provided in this brochure. If you have questions about a will or trust, we would be happy to put you in contact with brother Chad Tagtow. Chad is the senior vice-president and chief information officer of Citi­zens Bank & Trust. He is on the Board of Directors of the Florida School of Preaching and also serves as the School’s treasurer. He is a faithful member of the Lord’s church, serving as a deacon for the Orange Street church of Christ in Au­burndale, Florida.