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2011 (PDF) - Do You Understand The Biblical Value of Woman?

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During much of America’s history, women have fought for equality. How much easier it would have been if mankind understood the value that the Creator places on women.

This volume of the Florida School of Preaching Lectureship is entitled Do You Understand the Biblical Value of Women? Forty-two lessons set out to help the reader grasp the value inherent in females. "Valued Biblical Principles” includes lessons on women in the mind of God, older women teaching younger women, godly women’s character, and more. The chapters in Values Biblical Women Explained, Women in Society, Women as Companions, Women as Mothers, and Women as Church Workers use women in the Bible as examples. The book closes with an appendix covering the spiritual woman, Pliny’s deaconesses, biblically good mothers and grandmothers, and more.

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