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1995 (Print) - Good News That Troubles The World

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A Brief Description:
The good news—the gospel—instructs, comforts, and strengthens Christians. Yet, the message that is so good for us greatly troubles the world. Pilate’s wife advised her husband to have nothing to do with Jesus; she had “suffered greatly” in her dreams because of Him. Many today follow that pattern. The news about the Christ unsettles and afflicts them so they simply refuse to have anything to do with it.

The 20th annual Florida School Of Preaching lectureship book helps Christians to understand better how to handle the gospel through discussions of the gospel and grace, the indifferent, the prejudiced, and more. It then explores Biblical examples of worldly places (Jerusalem, Thessalonica, etc.) and how they did or did not accept God’s teaching. The book then takes us into the past to see how teachers like John the Baptizer and Paul troubled the world with the preaching of the good news. The last section is entitled “The Good News Today” and discusses how the gospel troubles the Christian, denominations, homosexuals, and more.

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