A Jesus’ Resurrection Harmony of the Gospels

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Jimmy Clark

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And from Matthew, mark, Luke and John, I’m not here to quote Matthew, mark, Luke, or John, nor to quote the sections out of that, a harmony that has to do with the resurrection of Christ. And when Brian sent me the assignment, he said, now make sure, and I don’t think you said it in these words,

but I think he implied it, make sure that you don’t try to overlap the material that you’re going to talk about with lessons that other people are going to talk about as they’re specifically assigned that. So I’m like now I’ve got to go look at everybody’s assignment so that I can figure out what not to say. And that’s a hard thing to do. And I noticed in some of the assignments that they had to do with the appearances of Jesus to certain individuals,

and I thought, okay, then those verses are not going to apply to what I’m going to talk about because they’re going to give more attention to that and they need to that’s their assignment. So what I’m going to do is take Matthew 28 and the first paragraph in Matthew 28. And I don’t know the exact number. I think it’s verse like verses one to 11,

something like that in the manuscript that I wrote. That’s in the book, it actually gives you the blocks of each one of these sections, Matthew mark, Luke, and John. And then the first paragraph in mark 16, the first paragraph and Luke 24 and the first paragraph in John 20. Okay. Now these paragraphs, when you weave them together,

give if you’re able to do it and thank the Lord for brother JW McGarvey with a book called the fourfold gospel. If you don’t have that, that is an invaluable, invaluable study to help us get the narrative of the life of Jesus Christ and those four accounts. Because as I was trying in my own mind to weave this first section of paragraphs together,

I thought, how in the world did these guys do this? Cause then I read their comments on it loud. This particular thing seems to happen at stage here low. It looks like it’s stage here. And I thought, well, how do you decipher the difference? And I’m going to do the best I know to do. And I’m not saying that mine is the exact way it’s laid out,

though. It’s the best way. I think that it harmonizes with the accounts. I want to put it as it were in a chronological storyline. We often think of those terms, right? We would like to take books of the Bible. And I was okay. Now the books of the Bible are not put in there chronologically by the way, Romans is not the first book that the apostle Paul ever wrote.

Then why is it the first book you find a Paul’s writings? Well, there was a reason for that in the Canon of the Bible. So you say, well, Matthew’s account, this is step one. Mark’s account would be after Matthew’s account is over. No, not at all. And mutt Garvey. And I think there’s another gentlemen have, right?

The edition that I have, I actually wove this together. And I thought this took some time. This took some energy and this took some immediate strong concentration to be able to decipher all these pieces and to put them together, basically what I’m going to do. Well, three things very quickly, cause I know lunch is waiting on us, right? But number one,

I want to give you the combined accounts when you put them in a narrative or in an a and a storyline account as to what I believe happened, you know, blow by blow minute by minute. Okay. Initially of the early, early morning on that first day of the week, when the women come to the tune and then later on, you’re going to find that Peter and John are going to run to the tomb at that instance.

And then they’re going to go back and then obviously they end, the women are going to come and give the account that not only had they noticed the fact of what they’ve been told about the empty grave, they’ve literally seen Jesus and Mary Magdalene, according to Mark’s account is the first person to have actually seen the resurrected Christ. But Matthew’s account says that the women also saw Jesus.

And so they all go then to the disciples and talk to the, referring to the apostles. And that’s where I’m going to stop because there’s other counts like the, the men on the road to a maze as someone else’s lecture among other situations. Okay. So Matthew’s first paragraph marks first paragraph Luke’s first paragraph and John’s first paragraph I’ll buy John’s accounts quite interesting because it only deals with Mary Magdalen as far as all the women are concerned.

So it, again, it shows you got to read all of them, weave them all together and try to make this fit. The Cozort logically it would fit. Okay. Try to make this fit to where it now paints this great picture. Now the second thing I want to do after I give you the account is to talk about the characters that play out in this scene.

And there’s three sections of that in which we’ll deal with. And then last of all, I’ll give you a conclusion as to some practical lessons that we can learn from this harmony of this particular event on that early first day of the week. First of all, lets me try to weave the picture of this first account in Matthew’s account and also in other accounts.

But when starting Matthew’s account, it says it was very early on the first day of the week, the Sabbath is over and the women have prepared the spices and the ointment. And they’re going to try to go on knowing the body of Jesus, okay? All of these women. And by the way, it’s a plurality of women. We don’t know all their names.

We do know Mary Magdalen is specifically Mentioned. We do know the Mary, who is the mother of James is mentioned. We know a woman named Salome and we know a woman named Joanna. Now there are other women listed here that aren’t given their names, but we know those names in particular Matthew’s account basically says it was before the rising of the sun before Dawn.

So we would say, it’s still semi dark. As these women have left wherever they are, they’re going together to the tomb. They know where the tomb is because Matthew 20 sevens account says that they knew when Joseph Barmouth, they had prepared the body and laid in the tomb. They were there watching all of that. So they knew where the team was.

Of course we know the tomb was sealed and guards were station Matthew’s account gives you that they were stationed there to make sure that the body is not tampered with the body is not mood. According to the account, less a worst thing happened in the claim of the resurrection because Jesus already taught in his earthly ministry that he would be raised. You destroy this body in three days,

I’ll raise it up. So they want to protect the integrity of what they think, what they think is going to create a bigger problem. The death is one thing, but if he is now taught and professed as having been raised from the dead, now we’ve got a bigger issue because we didn’t really kill him in the sense of get rid of him.

Now we’ve got to deal with the fact he claims to be alive or his disciples claim that he’s alive. Now the women, according to the camp, while they’re on their way to the tomb are talking among themselves, wanting to know who’s going to roll the stone away. Okay? So that’s, what’s on their mind. They’ve not come to witness the resurrection or the empty tomb.

They’ve come to anoint the body as best as they can try to get in there. Okay. And yet they’re questioning step one. How who’s going to roll the stone away. Now Matthew’s account said before the women get there, there is a great earthquake. And that there is an angel of the Lord who descended from heaven and came and rolled the stone away.

Now the women don’t see this, but the guard does see all this and they are awakened. And when they realize, and by the way, the angel, the Lord is seated there at the stone. It says that they were, as it were terrified and were as dead man, the idea there is, they’re so afraid. They’re almost immovable. Okay.

By the way, they will move in a little later. But the point is at the side of that, it was like, you wake up early one morning and the next thing you know, what in the world am I looking at? Okay, now the Bible says of this angel, the Lord that his body was as lightning. Okay? And his Raymond was as white as snow.

So we’re not talking about this normal human being, this mortal individual. Now here, he has a bodily form, but they realized this is, this is unique. Okay. Now what happened to the soldiers are these guards at the point in which the woman, women actually show up, that’s a tough detail to weave into here. It may very well be according to Matthew’s account that some of them,

and it uses the word song, leave and go to talk to the Jewish leaders with reference to what they have observed. We’ll get to that point and just a little bit after this. Okay? So Mary Magdalene and these other women show up there at the tone, they find that the, the stone has been rolled away. They don’t need to ask anybody about rolling the stone.

The stone has been rolled away. They are amazed. They’re shocked. And they don’t understand. Okay. According evidently to John’s account, okay. Mary Magdalen realizing that the stone has been moved and now realizing that the body is not there, she immediately runs the wire. The apostles are now as best as I can tell the other women stay at the tune.

Mary Magdalen runs to go talk to the apostles. This is where she reports to Peter and John and the other possibles and Peter and John then run back as it were. And evidently Mary made the limb falls them behind, but they are now running through the tomb. But let’s stop. Before we get to that point. Here are these women who are left here at the time.

The Bible says, they look into the body is gone, says they are perplexed. They do not understand why is number one, the tomb, you know, the stone rolled away. And number two, why is the body gone? Okay. Now let’s not think in the sense that they understand the resurrection because they’re not going there to witness a resurrection,

nor did the apostles think of the resurrection as you’ll see in just a minute and another detail I’ll show you, but as they are there, there literally is look in, they see two, one at the head and one at the feet where the body of Jesus lay. The question is as these women, why are you waving? Who do you seek?

And of course, where have you taken the body? They said, and they say, wait, not, do not be afraid, but go and tell his disciples that he will meet him and meet them and Galilee. So the women then are given the message by these angels. Here is the one you are seeking. He is not here. He is risen.

Go tell his disciples. Now, listen, Mary Magdalen is already with the disciples at this point. Okay? So now we go to the gospel of John. When Mary Magdalen gets to where the apostles are, by the way Mark’s account says, they are morning and they are weeping. They are in sorrow. They’re not saying well, it’s Sunday. We’re just waiting for the resurrection to happen so that we can go be an eye witness of it.

They’re not expecting the resurrection. Okay. So when Mary Magdalen shows up, she says they have moved the body. They have taken the body weight. And I know not where it is immediately. Peter and evidently John, the apostle jump up and they run to the tune. Okay? Now the Bible says, while Peter started out John out him, and when Peter got there,

he doesn’t go. And when John gets there, he doesn’t go straight into the tune. He sees the open tone. Okay. And the next thing he sorta appears in, but he doesn’t go in. And then Peter comes in behind John and immediately Peter goes into the tune. He doesn’t just stay at the opening. He goes in and then John follows.

Now what Peter and John see are not angels. What Peter and John see is they see the garments. Hey, that the body of Jesus had been wrapped over to one side. And the napkin that was round the head of Jesus has now been folded and placed where the head of Jesus’ body would have been laying. Okay. Now Mary Magdalen catches up now to where the gravy is.

Okay. The women have been told what? Go tell the disciples. So they’re gone here, come Peter. And John here comes Mary behind them. And next thing you know, when Peter and John see that, then they leave not understanding what’s happened to the body. And the Bible says, they go home. Now that doesn’t mean Galilee. It means where they were upsetting there in Jerusalem.

Okay? Because Mary Magdalene is going to show up in a minute after another event that takes place in this same morning to explain to them not only has she, does she know the meaning of the empty tomb? She literally has seen the Lord himself. So when Peter and John leave and the women are gone again, where are the soldiers at this time?

Probably some of the soldiers have gone. Maybe all of them for that matter because they’ve come out of their stupor. But the point is now Mary Magdalen is at the tune and she is weaving. All right, next thing you know, she looks inside and there is an angel in there. Woman. Why are you weeping? What are you seeking? They have taken the body.

And I don’t know. Now John’s account says that while she is pondering, all this Jesus is behind her. Listen, the sun is just coming up and here Jesus is behind her. Jesus said, woman, why are we pissed out? Whom do you say? She’s she supposes? He’s the gardener of the garden tune. She says, if you know where you’ve taken,

where they’ve taken the body of my Lord, please tell me, Jesus then says, Mary calls her by name immediately. Mary recognizes who this is. And she calls him Ramon nap or master teacher. She grabs a hold of him. Jesus says, touch me. Not meaning, handle me, not hold on. Not to me for, I’ve not yet ascended unto my father,

but go and tell him my disciples that I go before them and to Galilee immediately, she is astonished. She’s amazed and so forth. And she arises. And she goes to not just report. She knows where the body of Jesus is. She’s seeing the living body of Jesus. Now Matthew’s account says that somewhere during this time that the other women left the tomb or headed to the disciples,

Jesus shows up and manifest himself to these women. And it says that they fall at his feet. He says hail and they fall at his feet and they worship him. So not only has Mary seen the Lord, these other women have seen the Lord, but the account in the gospel said, Jesus appeared first, do Mary Magdalen, by the way,

that’s a timeline sequence, right? So Mary sees the risen Lord. And then later on, as all of these women are headed where the apostles are, they all, aren’t a visible seeing the resurrected Lord. Now, according to Matthew, mark, and Luke’s account. When the women show up together to talk now to the apostles, they explain that they have seen the Lord.

They explain that the tomb is empty. They’ve explained that the angels have told him what to tell them to meet a minute. And the Bible says they believed them. Not Luke’s account says that it seemed as idle tales. Now let that sinking. Peter and John have already been to the time saw no angels saw an empty tomb, saw the grave clothes.

Then they turn away. And now here’s the women coming behind them and report the very nature of we don’t just not know where the body is. We know where the body is in. The body is alive. Okay. Now that’s the narrative. And I’ll stop at that point because of the fact that there’s other lectures that have to, with a further account of seeing the risen Lord.

Okay. But the point is what? This is early on the first day of the week. Okay? Right at sunrise a little bit before, right at sunrise, they are all now wondering number one. What in the world has happened to this body? The body’s gone, who moved it. Number two, when the women see the risen body of Christ and the risen Lord immediately,

it takes some time for them to process this. Now, before I moved to Fort number two, there’s one step. I need them to make mention of here somewhere in this timeframe, while all this is going on. Some of the soldiers at the tomb have gone to the rulers of the Jews. This is Matthew 28 account and only Matthew’s account. Okay.

They basically tell, by the way, they’ve not seen the risen Lord. They’ve seen the empty tomb. They’ve seen the angel. They knew there was a great earthquake. They reveal now to these leaders, what it is that they know the leaders basically tell them, we’re going to give you large money is what king James says. That would be a large amount of money.

And you are to say that the disciples stoled the body, okay. Matthew’s account says that when they heard the teaching, they believed it. They accepted it. And it is commonly reported among the Jews under this name. Matthew says that that’s what happened to the body. Okay? This is common news among unbelieving Jews that the body simply is missing out of the grave,

but the disciples stolen. Okay. Now that’s the account. Now let’s look at three particulars. The characters that come into the play here. First of all, the role of these women, the role of these women, number two, the reaction, all of the apostles to what the women are telling them. And then number three, the rejection of the Jewish leaders and view of what their own soldiers told them.

Okay? Because there are three attitudes that go with these three characters studies. First of all, the role of women. It’s astonishing me to look at Matthew mark and Luke says count, and just look at the role of these women. And I know, I think Brittany’s actually spoken on this with reference to the women’s class, probably the early part of this week,

but this is my study on this. Okay? These women are not going to the tomb. On the first day of the week, three days, the crucifixion of crass expecting to find the reason Lord, the account says they went there to take the spices and the orcas don’t know what the body questioning, how are we going to roll the stone away?

Who’s going to roll the stone away. When they get their stones rolled away, they are, the Bible says they are perplexed. It means they’re confused. They’re expecting a body. Body’s not there. Not only do they now say the body of the Lord, they see angels in bodily form. The angels are trying to squelch their fears and their anxiety and explaining he is not here.

He is risen. Now think about trying to process that when you’re not going in there expecting that, oh wait, how many of you have ever processed something? Thinking, this is what I’m going to find. When all of a sudden somebody tells you totally different. You never been to a doctor. Sometimes you walk in there. Think there’s nothing wrong with me.

But my wife says, I need to go see your doctor. And then the doctor says your wife was right. This is what’s wrong with you. Nothing’s wrong with me? I’m just doing this to satisfy her. Look, expectations, have a lot to do with the way you process information. So these women now are given this information. Okay? The Bible indicates the fact that these women are going with fear.

Okay? They’re rejoicing. John says, but they’re going also with fear because they’re astonished that they don’t talk to anybody in the way. They’re literally running Matthews. A counselor is running to where the apostles are found somewhere in the process. By the way, when Mary catches up to them later on that’s when they meet Jesus, actually own the way to go speak to the apostles.

But the idea is here are people telling people who ought to know better. You remember what Jesus used to say back here? And he talked about his own resurrection. We’re here to tell you that he’s a reality. Okay? So let’s move to this next step. The reaction of the apostles, the Bible literally saying what they told them was as tales.

Have you ever been told? And I understand I’ve had people back in Alabama, but Clark, I won’t tell you something I ran into. And I’m like, you ain’t run into that. You made all that up. That’s what an Adam tale is. It’s a story you make up. It has no substance to its whatsoever. Now listen. What if Jesus had never appeared to the apostles.

He appears to marry. You appears to these women. Jesus tells them what to report and they report it. What if Jesus never would they to believe it is idle tails. You don’t know where the body is. They’ve not seen the body. Mary, seeing the body, the way men have hail the body. If Jesus never gave any appearance to these apostles,

it is likely they would have continued to believe that this was an idle tale. Now can the women think it’s not, you’ve ever told somebody the truth is that, oh, you’re just making that a, I didn’t make that up. I’m telling you facts. I’m telling you things I have seen and heard that I was a 100% sure of these factors.

I know my own name. These women could not deny what they’d seen and heard, by the way, what’s Peter going to preach the next day. We’re witnesses that which we have seen and heard were eye witnesses will one of these women, there are witnesses. Their direct testimony is what the apostles should believe, what the apostles do with it. Okay?

Thank you. This, the idea that I’m going to preach to you, the greatest message you would ever hear, and you think it’s an idle tale. You met with the Lord three and a half years. And you think what I’m telling you as an idle tale, you hadn’t, you hadn’t learned much. Boy, was you a slave during the exam?

Part of that, that was, that was big test question. You need to pass. By the way, we will give them credit later on. But trust me are as much human is we are. And I’ll talk about a human aspect that sometimes we also come to, at least I do, whether you do or not. Okay, but let me now move to the third part.

Because since I’ve got five minutes to get my last point in, look at the third part here of the absolute rejection of these Jewish leaders. You know what a hard heart looks like. I mean, darkness that is so in the dark, don’t even know they’re in the door. Have they been in the dark all the time? Jesus was right there before them and teaching them and showing them and live in a sinless life in front of them.

And when you don’t want to see it, are you ever going to see? And the resurrection of Christ is a blessing, even to them in view of their own resurrection, by the way, all those leaders that are dead right now, you think they’re kicking them saying, you think they realize what a huge mistake it for us to reject. The very thing he even did for us.

He died for us. He rose for us. And here’s how we treat that information. Our own soldiers, not the women, not these apostles, our own soldiers, guards tell us. And we say, we’re going to give you a large sum of money. Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to say the disciples stolen. And when the governor asked about it,

we’re going to be security for you. We’re going to convince him that this is what the case is. And you take this money and you run with it and you spread this rumor. You spread this account that the disciples stole the body and Matthew’s account says it was believed under the day. Matthew wrote that gospel, by the way, in some places probably it’s still believed that Jesus has never been raised from the dead.

I don’t know where the body is, but you can’t tell me he’d been raised from the dead. All right, let’s get down now to some practical applications. Number one, emotions of deep sorrow and fear cloud rational thinking, give the apostles, at least that point and some cases give the women at least that point. How many of you ever been under a great deal of emotional stress?

And somebody is trying to talk with you over the telephone about a Bible point. And you’re trying to rack your brain of all of what, you know, by experience and by your Bible study. And you can’t come up with a way to answer the person who’s talking to you on the telephone. Then you ain’t ever preached because there are going to be times in life to where we’re going to be in places of fear.

And we’re going to be in places of deep Saraj. Listen, when a preacher is going through that or an elder is going through that or the preacher’s wife or the elder’s wife or anybody in the church is going through that. Don’t pick their brain about Bible questions. They’re not capable of answering what you’re asking, because stress does something the way we think,

by the way, how many of us has kids? If ever say daddy’s in a bad mood, let’s not go there right now. So we learned that lesson as a kid, right? When you’ve got stress going on here, this is not the time. Let this settle down. Let let him have a good day. Okay? Then we can go say,

oh, you’re the greatest dad in the world. And by the way, this is what I need out of you. Okay? They are emotionally disturbed. They’re afraid. Yeah. They know what Jesus, but they were afraid. And the Bible says they are mourning and weeping. If you ever seen anybody, all of a sudden have a death in the family,

like a woman now becomes a widow. Okay? And as soon as the funeral is over and everybody goes about their man, everybody goes back to work and someone says, well, I’m going to call so-and-so and see if they want to go out to lunch with me. Listen, she not ready. She’s not ready to just drop what she just had to go through and step right back into the world.

Listen, the Jews more than 30 days for deaths, right? Sometimes you’ve got to let the emotions go through their cycle. Failure, morning, weeping. Saara you should have got this. You should have seen this, not when you’re emotionally upset. And I think about that when working with people. Okay. Part number two confirmation of the evidence of the bodily resurrection of Christ had to be visibly seen and not just give you an empty tomb.

When the women got to the amputee tune, they didn’t think Jesus was raised from the dead. They were told he was. But when they first saw that empty tomb, they thought somebody moved the body. They didn’t put two and two together that an empty that of stone moved away, net that he’s out of the ground, walking around, out here.

It took the visible appearance of Jesus. Before these people, before they could put two together, don’t criticize Thomas. He’s not the only one who didn’t believe until they saw listen. They’re emotionally upset. And it’s not until Jesus actually shows himself to the appearances that all of a sudden, now these scriptures start coming to mind. It says that in the account,

then they remembered the scripture about the way the scriptures live in it right here in front of you. And now what you said makes sense. May I ask you this question about the second coming of Christ? When that takes place, are you going to believe it? He was able to have about it all my life is going to pass away with a great nose.

Let me tell you this. When it happens, is it going to astonish you? One of the whole planet is going to erupt and the resurrection is going to take place everywhere. There’s going to be no more clocks or calendars or watches or anything. Isn’t going to astonish you. Isn’t going to take you a little bit. Am I seeing what I’m seeing?

Is this what I’ve studied about all my life? Trust me, if not you, this one whale. Look, I believe in my life for the second coming of Christ. And when it comes, it might take me a minute to let it sink in. Someone says where you just dance. Well, maybe an Alabama. Yeah. That’s the way we are.

But the fact of the matter is why they had to process this. But then last of all, the evil ugliness of the love of money is the root of all evil will raise its ugly head. And there’s a cam and you’ve heard the expression money talks. The Bible says in Proverbs 23, 23, by the truth and sell it now. Well, these gentlemen did the opposite of that.

They bought a lie and took the paycheck for listen for five to narra. We’re going to give each one of you and you just report it. You going to have to up that any we’re going to give you a large. When I ask us all a question to compromise the truth or to sell out to error, how much money would it take for you to do that?

Well, if somebody offered you a half, a million dollars to sell out about a million dollars instantaneous, I’ll give you a million dollars. Here’s the chick. All you gotta do is let me put your name on it. Go call the bank, find out if I got them out, would you sell your soul for any amount of money? Look,

this is the resurrection we’re talking about. He’s the first free afterwards. They at his company and all we’re going to be raised. Rogers are unrighteous, but you’d sell out for money and report time and time again. Disciples stole the disciples stole day is that blind. Is that darkness don’t let that happen to any of us. The trues that you find in scripture,

whether it has to do with the resurrection or not. Well at first, it may be hard to process. Settle down with your emotions, calm down and rationally. Walk yourself through these scriptures and see if all this don’t make sense. Listen, none of us are going to see the Lord until time’s over. And yet we still believe in the Lord.

We still believe in the resurrection of the Lord. And the reason we believe is not because we’ve seen him, but because we’ve got the accurate record, these women had the accurate record and the apostles were still struggling with it. They won’t struggle with it later, but they struggle with, I don’t have to seem to believe, and I’m never going to sell out for money or anything else for what I’m going to get.

Any attorney you’ll kick yourself. Everybody kicked themselves. And he turned, he that sales out the truth for anything that you would exchange it for. That was a lesson I learned in this lecture was that one right there. Your soul is worth more than anything anybody could ever offer. You never sell out for what you know is true. Thank you for your attention.

I hope this county of shit.


Jimmy Clark
A Jesus’ Resurrection Harmony of the Gospels
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