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Yes, it’s coming. Did you see the, Oh, it’s always awkward looking at yourself. All right. We good? I’m good. I’m good. We’re good. Okay. All right. Yeah. I’m Brittany and we’re good. We’re live. All right. So yeah. So today, well, I would like to say that it is really good to be back home feedback and Florida.

I am enjoying the snow. I am enjoying the cold weather. Despite what Hiram has said to you all. I like the cold weather. We’ve been making snowmen and slushies and snowball fights and snow angels and all that snow stuff. So, yes. So I’ve been enjoying it. So today I’m going to be speaking with you all about angelic words of the two,

and our texts is going to be from Matthew chapter 28. And we’re going to notice verses one through what we’ll do is one through 10. Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and get started. I’ll read the text for you now, after the Sabbath, toward the Dawn of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb and behold,

there was a great earthquake for an angel of the Lord, descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning and his clothing was white as snow. And for fear of him, the guards trembled and became like dead thin. But the angel said to the women do not be afraid for. I know that you see Jesus who was crucified.

He is not here for, he has risen. As he said, I’m see the place where he lay then go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from the dead and behold. He is going before you to Galilee there, you will see him. See, I have told you, so they departed quickly from the tune with fear and great joy and ran to tell his disciples.

And behold Jesus met them and said greetings. And they came and took hold of his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee. And there they will see me. It’s Friday. And your day has finally arrived. You know, this is the day you were born for.

You’ve been preparing your whole life for this very moment. And while others around, you may not comprehend. What’s about to happen. You know, you spend your day praying, asking God to give you the strength needed to fulfill his. Will you ask your friends to come and pray with you and comfort you comfort you. And while their presence brings you some comfort,

they’re not much help in the prayer department for themselves, or for you, a friend who you shared meals with. And even some laughs decides that a few coins are more important than your friendship and turned you over to the authorities. It’s a terrible thought to be betrayed by a friend, but it’s okay because you know that they would just upon use for a much greater purpose,

still extreme. Some doesn’t it you’re being charged with crimes. You were innocent of lie upon lie, as being told against you, you’re being asked questions. And when you give an answer that is not favorable among them. When you give an answer that is not favorable among the people they tell you, you are worthy of death, they spit in your face and slap you.

They mock you and even set a known man, guilty, unknown, guilty man, free in exchange to see you killed. You have been beaten and flogged stripped of your clothing, embarrassed and harass. Your body is bruised bloodied and in pain. But by the grace of God, you find the strength to walk yourself up the hill so that you can be crucified.

You’re nailed to a cross between two guilty men. While people at the bottom make fun of you and wag their heads that you even discussed all because they didn’t like what you said, the truth. You cry out to God, the father, but no response is heard. And you breathe your last breath. When a loved one passes, we take comfort in knowing that we can visit the grounds in which their body leg,

or we keep there remain somewhere close by so that we can keep an eye on them. Death is undoubtedly one of the hardest pills for an individual to swallow. If we lose a loved one, we mourn them no longer being with us physically. And the thought of us one day being separated from our loved ones, ceasing to exist. Wondering what life will be like without our presence can make us uncomfortable and keep us wondering about many other aspects of our lives yet.

No matter how much we wonder death is inevitable. Second Corinthians five, 10, and Hebrews 9 27, several times throughout the new Testament. Jesus told us, told his disciples that the son of man would have to die, but he would rise again on the third day, Matthew 16, 21, 17 23 and 20 and verse 19. It’s clear that Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene didn’t fully comprehend what Jesus was saying or else they wouldn’t have made their way to Jesus’s tomb with the hopes of anointing his body.

Instead when the women reached the tomb of Jesus, they were greeted with an Hertz quake and an angel of the Lord who had already rolled that Jesus team stone and was sitting on it. His appearance was like lightning and his clothing was as white as snow. The angels appearance was so great that it caused the guards to tremble and become like dead men with so much unknown chaos going on around them.

The words that would be spoken to them by the angel about Jesus’s resurrection, what would allow them to remove all fear, receive an invitation to closely investigate and share Jesus and his words and walk away from the empty tomb. Joyfully. So as we receive these words that the angel spoke to the women at the tomb, we also can walk away joyfully. And so today I want us to notice four lessons together and I will try to be somewhat quick about it.

So the first lesson, the empty tomb removes fear, the very first words they agreed it with. The women are greeted with are, do not be afraid. You can notice that in Matthew 28 in verse five, for these women, there was so much fear to be had. Who is this man? And where is the body of Jesus? Our savior.

When we look at Matthew 28, 4, we notice immediately that the guards became so scared that their appearance and or reaction becomes like that of a dead man. These guards were on the opposing side of Jesus. They were sent to guard the tune because the chief priest fear that someone would come and feel the body of Jesus and claim that his prophecy was fulfilled. Furthermore,

the chief priests wanted to make sure that the tomb was tightly secured so that no one would be able to roll it back. You can notice Matthew 27 62, 360 6. With that knowledge in mind, we could understand why the women were concerned about who would roll back a heavy and tightly secure tomb. But while these men were dead with fear, the angel speaks to these women,

these women who are friends of disciples, friends, friends, and disciples of Jesus and tells them do not be afraid. As we noticed earlier, Jesus told his disciples several times that he would rise again and after being crucified. And Jesus is absent from that to not only proves that he has got Romans 1, 3, 3, 4, but it proves and reminds the Christian that we too can overcome any trial.

We conquer that we conquer spiritual death through, sorry, let me do that again. But it proof, it proves and reminds the Christian that we too can overcome any trial and we can come, come for spiritual death. Y’all I can’t get that word out. We can conquer spiritual death through the blood of price. Romans 8 37, the resurrection removes all fear for the Christians.

Every new day, God allows us to see is filled with uncertainty and the unknown. There are constant doubts and fears that creep into our minds each day. Am I really living a life worthy of the calling of Christ? Am I a good mother? Am I a good wife? Does Jesus really love me? Am I going to heaven? Questions? Like these can be a nuisance.

Keeping our minds constantly going and never shutting off, but they can all be answered with the word of God. And so really quick. I want us to answer some of those questions. Question number one, am I really living a life worthy of the calling? First? We need to ask ourselves another question. Do I fear the Lord? Proverbs one seven says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,

fools, despise wisdom and instruction, and Proverbs nine, 10 echoes the same thought saying the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And the knowledge of the holy one is insight. Based on these two verses, we must learn fear before we can face our fears. Varying the Lord means to have respect and reverence for him and who he is,

our fears or issues or concerns that we constantly worry or obsess over. If I know who God is and respect him and recognize the power that he, that he is and possesses, then I know that he can handle any little bit of worry that I may have fearing God is knowledge. And with this knowledge, we can all know that we are living a life pleasing to him.

No need to fear question number two, am I a good mother? So sometimes I will joke with Hiram when he gets home. And I’ll say to him, the kids are alive and fed. Tell me I’m pretty. The kids are alive. They’re well, just come in and smell it and tell me I’m pretty. Motherhood is messy. It’s chaotic,

but it’s all fun. All at the same time, there have been days I have wanted to pull out my hair. Sometimes I yell more than I should. My patient isn’t always patient. I’m not a perfect human being. All humans are fault, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good mother to my children. It’s important to recognize that we are on borrowed time.

And my goal and role as a mother is to love my children because they are a precious gift, Psalms 1 27, 3, but I also must provide discipline accordingly, which isn’t always easy. Proverbs 22 6, and I have to be a godly example for them. Galatians 5 22, 23. If you recall, in second Timothy, one five, Paul writes to Timothy and reminds him of the faith that has that he first saw in his grandmother,

Lois and his mother Eunice. Evidently there were examples there that had been set before Timothy by these ladies because Paul says the same faith I saw him. Them I know is in you as well. I am charged with making sure my children understand what it means to honor their parents Ephesians six one through three. But the most important thing I will ever do for my children is teach them the ways of God and give them back to him.

See Deuteronomy six, four through nine and Deuteronomy 11, 18 through 21. Let’s recall Hannah story in first, Samuel Hannah. So desperately wanted a child, her husband, Elkanah had a set, a second wife named pendant, Penn and Naya, or Penn enough. I think it’s depending on who tease and taunted her about being barren first, Samuel one six.

Furthermore, when Hannah cried and was depressed about not having a child kind of said to her, aren’t I better than 10 sons. That’s kind of selfish, but okay. However, no matter what was said about Hannah, she continued to pray that God would open her world womb and bless her with a child. But the most important thing she said in her prayer to God was that if God blessed her with the child,

she would vowel to make sure she gave that child back to God. First, Samuel one 11. And she did first Samuel 1 28. I’m sure Hannah struggled many days raising her son, but despite everything she may have faced throughout her parenting process, she knew that her child belonged to God and she had to make sure he would know who the father is.

And the same is true for us. Despite whatever goes on around us, we must make sure our children know who God is, because as much as we love them and never want to let them go, they belong to the father. And once we understand this, there is no need for any of us to fear. We are all good mothers, question number three,

am I a good wife in Genesis two 18? The Bible tells us that God created the woman to be a helper for man. And because it was it wasn’t good for him to be alone so much like being a mom, being a wife can be a hard task. We don’t always get along with each other or see eye to eye. On our wedding day,

we received dozens of tip cards, you know, on how to have a successful marriage. But when issues arise, those tip cards are the last thing on our minds. Sometimes we have to bite our tongues and actually listen to someone other than ourselves, James one 19, a wise woman who will take the time to build her household while a nitpicker will tear her home down Proverbs 14 one.

When our kids were babies, I love giving them baths. That was one of my favorite things to do. And it was a lot easier, but as they got older, I would find any little reason to get out of bath time. And sometimes I would make a big deal out of something so small I’m home with them all day. The least you could do is give them a bath 10 minutes.

Won’t kill you with it. And if you have kids or had kids, you know, a lot of times bath time with kids was like a day at SeaWorld splashing with two little shampoos in the water all the time. It’s a mess. So all of the little petty arguments could have easily been avoided and the bath could have been done. If I wasn’t nitpicking in white,

a woman like that, God says it’s better for the man to sit in a corner of the house top than to share a house with the poor. Some wife Proverbs 21, 9 and 25, 24 every day. Won’t be like your honeymoon. And it doesn’t have to be the key to accessible to a successful marriage has and always will be God, my spouse and I are striving and encourage one another to always lean on God during the good times.

And the bad times, Proverbs 31, 12 a wife is a blessing to the man Proverbs 1822 and 31 10. She’s a friend and encourage her. She picks her husband up when he is down and exalt him with celebration Ecclesiastes four, nine through 12, a good wife keeps God first and humbles herself for those. She loves Titus two, five, and submits to her husband because of her love for Christ.

First Peter three, one through five, follow those examples. You don’t have to worry about it. You’re a good wife question. Number four does Jesus really loved me when Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene approached the empty tomb, Jesus, that was all the proof they needed to know that Jesus loved them. And it’s all the proof we need as well.

If you want to, you can flip to Ephesians one verses five through six, which reads God does in us to be his adopted children through Jesus Christ because of his love. This was according to his Goodwill and plan. And to honor his glorious grace that he has given to us freely through the son whom he loves since the beginning, God has always had a plan in motion to save his children throughout the old Testament.

We read about Israel’s constant cycle of disobedience, and we might wonder why they couldn’t get it together. And exit a 14 and Exodus 14, we have the account of Moses delivering the people out of Egypt and exit is 15. We have what is known as the song of Moses, where the Israelites are singing, singing the praises of God for delivering them out of Egypt.

But towards the end of chapter 15 in verses 22 through 25, being three days delivered from EAs Egypt, the Israelites began to complain because they have nothing to drink. Yet. God saw fit to bless them with what they needed. And after just two short months of being free from Egypt and the persecution they suffered, they began to wine again, complaining that it would,

that it would have been better for them to die by the hand of God, while in Egypt, because at least they would have had food. They quickly forgot what God had delivered them from the loving father still provided for his ungrateful children because he loved them. Exited 16 one through five. God knows that his children are not perfect. We all make mistakes,

but his perfect son, our savior has made a way for us to be cleansed of our sins. And he has still offered a way for us to be with him for all eternity, Romans 3 21 through 26. But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law. Although the law and the prophets bear witness to it, the righteousness of God,

through faith in Jesus Christ, for all who believe for there is no distinction for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are justified by his grace as a gift through the redemption that is in Christ. Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation for his blood to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness because in his divine forbearance,

he had passed, passed over former sons. It was to show his righteousness at the present time so that we might be just, and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. When we approached the empty tomb through scripture, we see that Jesus didn’t lay down his life or just anyone. He laid it down for his friends. For those,

he loves John John 15, 13, greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. And he did it willingly. John 10, 17 through 18. I don’t have to rack my brain day and night or live in fear. Wondering if Jesus, Jesus really loves a broken and impersonal perfect purchasing such as myself,

his empty tomb proves that he loves me and you more than we could ever imagine. Last question, question number five. Am I going to heaven? This is something that I think a lot of us wrestle with whether outline or what, whether out loud or whether in silence in John 14, one through three, Jesus tells his disciples that he will be leaving to prepare a place for them.

And once the place is prepared, he will come back for them. I want everybody to look back at our texts really quick. If we notice Matthew 28 and verse six, he is not here for, he has risen. As he said, come see the place where he lay the angel told the woman that Jesus is not here. He has risen.

And as we have established already Jesus on several different occasions, told his disciples that he would have to suffer and die, but that he would rise again and everything that Jesus has spoken up until this very point has been true. And then we notice in John 14, one through three, and I’m paraphrasing where Jesus says, I’m getting everything ready for you for us.

And I will come back for us. So Hiram and I are currently having a house built. And although our moving timeframe has been pushed back twice, y’all pray for me. And my patience is still being prepared for us. Furthermore, we gave the company a healthy down payment that says we are coming back for this house. This is the house that we want.

If we look at Ephesians one 11 through 14, it reads in him. We have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined, according to the purpose of him, who all things, according to the counsel of his will, so that we who were the first to hope in Christ might be to the praise of his glory in him. You also, when you heard the word of truth,

the gospel of your salvation and believed in him were sealed with the promise were sealed with the promised holy spirit, who was the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it to the praise of his glory. In other words, God has given us the holy spirit as a down payment, Jesus says to us, the holy spirit will remain with you as a guarantee that I will come back for you so that you may remain with me for all eternity.

Jesus wants all his creation to be with him. He is holding out patiently so that, so that more of us might repent so that we can live with him forever. Second, Peter three eight through nine, we abide in the father’s love. He will abide in us first, John, I’m sorry, John 15 one through 11. And in doing so we can know that heaven will be our final resting place.

We have no reason to fear or be concerned about making heaven our home because the MPT proves to us and God himself has said it. When Jesus arose from the tomb on Sunday, it wasn’t just a miraculous challenge. It was a life changing moment for all of mankind. The angels words of do not fear. We’re not just words of, Hey, don’t be afraid.

I come in peace. There were words of comfort. Mary and Mary Magdalen had every right to be afraid with all the chaos and unknown going around, going on around them. But instead they are told not to fear. We are friends of Jesus. We are his disciples, and he has promised us so many wonderful things to come. And I’m not saying that you can’t be afraid at times or fear certain situations.

We’re only humans with very real emotions and fears, but the empty tomb of Jesus reminds us not to let those fears or concerns control our lives. There is nothing that Jesus can not handle for us. If we ask him John 14, 13 through 14, he will carry all of our burdens and fears for us first, Peter five, seven, and there is no fear or burden that we have that is greater than our God.

He has created all things Colossians one 16 and makes all things better for us. Romans 8 28, the second point and invitation to investigate. So after the angel told the women not to be afraid, the next set of words he says to them is come see the place where he lay. This was indeed another way for Mary and Mary Magdalen, to see that the words of Jesus had been fulfilled.

God commands that his creation seek him out. You want to think about scripture references like Deuteronomy 4 29, which says, but from there you will seek the Lord, your God, and you will find him if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul, or what about when Paul tells the people of Athens to seek God and feel their way towards him towards him?

Because he is not far from them and acts 1727. There are several verses tobacco God’s command to investigate, but what is it that we’re supposed to be investigating most people tonight, today won’t deny that a man named Jesus truly lived. There was more than enough evidence to prove the existence of Jesus Christ. But the real question or piece of evidence to investigate is if Jesus truly is the Messiah,

the savior of the world, when the angel told the women to come and see, this was not just an invitation for them, but for all Christians and all the world, those for all the Christian and for all of those in the world, those who don’t know Christ and John chapter one verse 45 through the end of the chapter, Phillip finds Nathaniel and tells him that they have found the Messiah.

The one who Moses and the prophets wrote about the Daniel questions. If anything, good can truly come out, come out of such a town as Nazareth and Phillip tells him to come and see when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, he told her everything about her life and much like the angel told the women at the tomb to come and see the Samaritan woman ran back into town and told the people to come and see the man who told her everything she had ever dropped done.

John four, one through 30, throughout his earthly ministry. Jesus performed several miracles to pull that, to prove that he was a Messiah and people still didn’t want to believe him. The truth will always be the truth. Even if we don’t agree with it, it can’t be changed. The Lord tells us to taste and see that he is good and Psalm 34 8.

But what happens when we don’t like the flavor, it doesn’t change because you didn’t like it. You have two options accepted or rejected. The Pharisee saw and heard all that Jesus was and had been doing, but they couldn’t accept it for their own selfish, selfish reasons. You search the scriptures because you think that in them, you have eternal life. And it is that they bear witness about me.

Yet. You refuse to come to me that you may have life. John 5 39 through 40, before we move on to our next point, I want to share a few things that I believe will be great tools for thorough investigation of Jesus in the scriptures. Number one, you need to have an open heart. We can’t be ready to investigate any subject.

If we first don’t keep an open mind, we shouldn’t come to the scriptures. Assuming we know everything because we don’t. We need to be ready to put our pride aside, Humber, large, humble ourselves, and realize that we don’t know everything. John 8 32 and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Number two, you need to have an open Bible and acts 26 and acts 8 26 through 39.

Phillip is greeted by an angel, much like and Mary Magdalen. And it’s told to go towards gazer. Upon his arrival. He meets a unit. He had come, who had come to Jerusalem to worship and with reading the prophet, Isaiah, when Philip asked him, if he understood what he was reading the unit, the unit replied, how can I,

unless someone teaches me the unit didn’t understand all of what was before him, but he was trying, and through the grace of God, someone was sent his way to help him understand. We don’t have to know everything before we decide to open the word of God. I truly believe that if we are seeking God and his truth, he will send the people.

He will send the help that we need. Isaiah 55, 6, seek the Lord. While he may be found call upon him while he is near number three, a willingness to obey obeying is not an easy task. And the thought of someone telling us what to do, especially when we don’t want to do it. Just a simple, no, from us as a lot might be speaking from experience.

So when I was here, one of the things that I got to do or experience with two ladies here is to go, you’re already failing. So if you like yourselves, you know, it’s a game about bargaining. If you see something you like, what are crazy about the price? You haggle it down to something more negotiable. So an item that was originally five bucks,

you have to go down to two bucks, three bucks saved on your hand. And I’m not very good at it. And when I have done yard sales in the past, I had thoroughly have enjoyed them. However, when we made the decision to obey God, there is nothing to be handled. We can’t decide that we’re okay with being kind, be kind to the people we really liked,

but the individuals who drive us nuts, we’re going to treat them however we feel, yes, people can be aggravating. I’m not denying that, but we can’t cherry pick who he was to show kindness towards the golden rule set. So whatever you wish that others would do to you do to them. Also Matthew seven, 12, think about Jesus’s life and what he had to face so that we can Marvel at the empty trailer.

He suffered so much for his friends. And if we consider Jesus, our friend, we will obey all his words. Not just some, you are my friends. If you do what I command you, John 15, 14, less than number three, an invitation to share. So, so far in our text, Matthew 28, 5 through eight, we have noticed that angel has told Mary,

Mary and Mary Magdalene not to be afraid or fear, come and see for yourself or investigate the truth that he really has risen. And now we will notice how the angel told the women to go quickly and tell Jesus that his disciples have risen. Tell Jesus disciples that he had risen from the dead in verse seven. If you take a quick notice down at Matthew 28,

verses nine through 10, which reads and behold Jesus met them and said greetings. And they came up and took hold of his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, do not be afraid, go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee. And there they will see me. You see that as the women were headed to tell the disciples about the resurrection of Jesus,

Jesus greets them and echoes the very same words as the angels angel do not be afraid and go and tell when you find out good news about something or someone, what is usually the first thing you want to do with that information? That’s a question. Yeah. You want to celebrate it, right? Or you want to, you want to share that information you share,

right? So we spent some time with the word of God. We know that it is live living and breathing. John one, one, Hebrews four 12. We know that Jesus and his word are the key to eternal life. John 10, seven through 18. And for verse chapter 14, verse six, we all have this awesome information. So we have to share it.

No matter what part of the world, someone is from the understanding of good news is universal. When a child receives an actual grade on a homework assignment, they can’t wait to share it with their parents. When someone receives good news, good news from the doctor, it is immediately shared with another. When a new life has been brought into the world,

it is celebrated and shared with others. What Mary and Mary Magdalene did with the news of Jesus being raised from the dead was no different. In fact, while the good news about our family and our friends is celebrated and soon forgotten the news about Jesus remains to be celebrated and shared today. The first people to see Jesus after his resurrection were two women.

And he specifically told them to go and share his news. Now in the first century, a woman’s word was not viewed as a reliable testimony in court, but God’s first witnesses to the resurrection were women throughout scripture. It is not uncommon to see that the man is out front, but this is specific to God’s good and perfect design when it comes to the role of the male and the male and the female first Corinthians 11 three,

Ephesians 5 23, and first Timothy two verses 18 or verses eight through 15. However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t share what is good. In fact, we are commanded to do so earlier, earlier, we established that. If we love God, we would keep all his commandments, John 14, 15, walk in wisdom towards outsiders, making the best use of the time.

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians four, five through six. This command is not just for the man, but for the woman, for the woman and all Christians everywhere. And if you notice the end, it says so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

So if somebody comes to and they say, what do I have to be? What do I have to do to be saved? Or who is Jesus or whatever the situation is you being the woman. Are you going to stand there and wait and go get a man or you going to try and answer the question, right? You have a soul on the line earlier.

We spoke about Hannah and how she begged and pleaded with the Lord to bless her with a son. And I want us to notice a few women throughout scripture who helped other or who helped to teach others. So we spoke about Hannah and how she begged and pleaded with the Lord to bless her with the son. And when he did Hannah. And when he did God,

Hannah, Hannah vowed to give him back to the Lord for Samuel 1 26, 3 28. If Hannah was going to keep her vow to the Lord, she first had to teach Samuel what it meant to serve. And honor the Lord first, Samuel 2 26 and act 16. As we read earlier, we read about Timothy, a disciple who was taught by his mother Eunice and his grandmother,

Lois, who were believers, but Timothy’s father was not acts 16 one. And again, as we noticed early in second, Timothy one five, Paul reminds him at the end of his sincere faith, that first of all, in his mother and his grandmother, Apollos wasn’t gene from Alexandria, who was sad to be eloquent of speech and competent in the scriptures.

However, when Aquila and his wife, Priscilla heard him preach, they both realized he needed some more teaching and together, they took him aside and taught him the way of God, more accurately as 1824 through 26. These are just a few women. These are just a few of the women mentioned throughout scripture who helped to teach and impact others in various ways.

And none of them needed a pulpit to do it. God has equipped every individual with what they need to make sure his word is spread throughout all the world. Ephesians four, 11 through 16, no one should ever feel as if they have nothing to offer to help further the kingdom of God, because that’s not true. If our God has told us to teach everyone and he has then our God who provides us with all things or Philippians four 19,

we’ll be sure to provide his children from all over, from all over with the necessary gifts. According to his grace, Romans 12, four through eight, Mary and Mary Magdalene with zeal shared the news about the empty tomb. And we would do well to follow their example, lesson number four, they walked away joyous. So for our final point today,

I want us to notice how Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene responded to the information that was given to them. If we look back at our texts and Matthew 28 and pay attention to verse eight, we see that after their encounter with an, with the angel was complete, they left the empty tomb Jesus with fear and great Jordan. And since we’ve already established that they had the right to be afraid.

I want to talk a little bit about how they left for break jewel. So the word joy means exactly what you think. It means. Happiness, gladness and occasion of rejoicing. The way the word is used here in our text is using the exact same manner. When an angel of the Lord came to a field where shepherds were present and told them to not be afraid because he had good news of great joy.

That would be for all the people, Luke, two 10, the announcement of Jesus’s birth, the gospels are all about Jesus’s life and ministry. While he was here on earth and his death, burial and resurrection, we are constantly reminded, reminded of the way Jesus was mocked, wrongly, persecuted, and put to death. And when we study any of the four gospels,

so how can we walk like Merrimack? How can we walk? Like Mary and Mary Magdalen walk away from the text of the empty tomb and joyous. Number one, Jesus has all some power and all authority. None of us can restart life. When we leave this side of life, none of us can decide to rest for three days and get back at it.

Some of us can’t even rest for 30 minutes. Jesus took his life back and innocent man willingly gave, gave up his life and knew he would get it back and knew he would get back up again. John 10, 17 through 18, what tremendous power. He also gave life. And John 11, we read about the death of Lazarus and our particular enjoy how Jesus tells his disciples that they are going to Judea to wake up Lazarus because he is sleeping in John 11,

  1. Of course the disciples think that Jesus means he is actually sleeping and asked won’t he wake up on his own and Jesus didn’t clarify. I said, gee, that Lazarus is actually dead. John 11, 12 through 15. Add to that Lazarus Technology. Right? Georgie. We love it. So, okay. So then you want to add to that,

that Lazarus had already been dead for four days, John 11, 14, but with just a simple statement of Lazarus, come out, John 1143, he was alive. Again. We can walk away from the MTT and joyously because Jesus has the power to restore our lives. We can be born again. First Peter one, three through four, Jesus was crucified for our life sake.

Jesus, the father and the holy spirit made sure that their creation would have a Bulletproof way to live again. And, and to have all our wrongs cleanse from our record through the blood of Christ, you visions one seven, number two, we can walk away from the empty tomb because our best days are of us. We have something better to look forward to.

And I am enjoying life here on earth. No mistake about that, but sharing laughs and making memories with my family, maintaining healthy relationships and having ridiculous laughs with old friends and making new friends are some of the things I love the most, but I know that it won’t last forever soon. It will be just a memory, a moment in time, stored away in my mind that we’ll seem we fade away with the rest of me.

It’s a beautiful blessing. God has a lot of us. You please Ecclesiastes. He’s cheating 24 through 26, but I also know that God has something much greater prepared for all of us. The hope of heaven, Romans eight 18 read for, I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory. That is to be revealed to us.

I’m not suffering within your y’all. Just so y’all realize that. Okay. But you can also add to that second Corinthians four 16 through 18, which speaks about our artists, our outer self wasting away. But our inner self is being renewed day by day. Our affliction, our worries. They’re all momentary, but they’re preparing us for eternal glory. Matthew six,

19 through 21 do not store up for yourselves, treasures on earth, where moth environment destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where we’re evolved, where moth and vermin do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there. Your heart will be also live on this side is temporary,

but Jesus is empty too. And reminds us that there is more to be had through hands. Number three. Lastly, we can walk away from the empty tomb joyously because no one, because one day our team will be empty too, though our bodies will die. We will live. And as long as we believe in him, we will never die.

John 1125, just as Lazarus lived again. So shall we, there’s a man by the name of Dr. David Filippo. And he believes that most people fear death because of the pain and loneliness of dying. The fear of non-existence and the fear of the unknown after death. And while many may agree with Dr. Filippo, that is simply not true for the Christian.

The Christians have no reason to fear death or no longer existing because death is not final for the Christian Hebrews two 14 through 15 reads since therefore the children sharing flesh and blood, he himself, likewise partook of the same things that through death, he might destroy the one who has the power of death. That is the devil and deliver all those who, who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.

The only person that should fear death is one who is separated from God because of their own choice to live a life engaged in saying Isaiah 59 2, when Jesus walked down to that to him, he conquered death. Second Timothy, one 10 for you and for me and saw fit to save us. Even when we, we aren’t worthy Romans five, six to eight,

Mary and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Jesus expecting to find a body to anoint and concerned with who would roll back the tune. However, when they reached the tomb of Jesus, they were greeted by an angel of the Lord who would speak some of the most precious word they would ever hear. Every day we wipe, we walked through life uncertain of what the days,

months, and years will bring. I experienced the tornado most scariest day of my life, having to take me and my entire family and my kids and sit in a closet. And it was the most, I don’t even know how long it was, but it was one of the most scariest things I have ever endured. And I have never prayed so hard.

And so long in my life in that closet, we hear the fumbling going on outside the power’s knocked out. We come out of the closet, it is pitch black. And then you walk outside and you look out your window and you see bright flashing lightening that looks like strobing lights at a concert. It is the worst and most terrifying thing I have ever experienced in my life.

When Mary and Mary Magdalen reached the tomb of Jesus, they were greeted by an angel of the Lord who would speak some of the most precious words they would ever hear. And every day y’all, every day, we walked through life uncertain of what, the days, the months and the years will bring so many emotions, fill our minds. And as finite human beings,

we do not understand how to deal with everything. Life throws at us, Jesus’s resurrection and the comforting words of the angel at the tomb reminds us that we are not walking along alone, the Psalm 56 13, and he carries our burdens and concerns and gives us a lighter load. Psalm 68, 19 through 20 Matthew, 1129 through 30. I want us to pray together,

please, our God and our father in heaven. We thank you. We thank you so much for this day. And we thank you so much for the many blessings. We thank you for the labs and the memories that we make each and every day. But we also know Lord that there are so many trials that we go through each and every day.

Some of us suffer out loud and some of us suffer silently ward, but we know that your empty tomb allows us to remember that there is so much more ahead of us, that these moments of affliction are just that father they’re moments. They don’t last forever. And we know that in that in you and through your blood, we can conquer all just if you have concert confident,

we pray Lord that you will strengthen us. We pray that you will guide us. We pray that you will keep us. We pray in us that when our mind is going crazy and so many concerns and worries, we pray and ask that we put our mind that you put our minds at feet are at ease father, not worried about or concerned, or having fear about what will be because we pray that your will will always be done.

And we pray and ask that whatever your will is, or we pray that as your children, you will be content with the answer that you have given us. We love you Lord. And we thank you so much for all your blessings and it’s in Jesus’ name that we pray. Amen.


Brittani Kemp
Ladies Class: Angelic Words at Empty Tomb
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