The Resurrection of the Dead

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Jimmy Clark

Automated Transcript:

I see so many familiar faces. And I keep trying to tell Pam now, do you want me to introduce you these people? But she says, no, I’ll take care of that myself soda, but so good to see you again in the month of January. And as I said this, I didn’t buy this ring in a cracker Jack box. I have proof now that there’s a person attached to it.

And it’s good also to say some of you that weren’t here last year, where the gym was talking about how the he wasn’t able to be here. And my great great friend, brother, Jeff Jenkins, and the Jenkins family, Dale and his dad, Jerry, and his uncle Dan. And go way back. I don’t want to say how far back,

but way back and just you as a whole. So many, many friends I’ve gained here in this congregation and the area congregations. And when I go back home and I talk about central Florida, and I don’t mean just the south Florida avenue, congregation that’s Eagle lake, and then orange street and you name it all the way to Gainesville, Florida is I know some from Gainesville and then Clearwater,

where my aunt still lives. My uncle who’s deceased now, but he was the chairman of the board here of this school. It’s just a lot of memories and a lot of great works going on this school. And you just keep on keeping on my assignment is first Corinthians chapter 15, verses 12 to 34. Now I’m not here tonight to give you a running commentary verse by verse of all the material that’s found that I hopefully tried to do my best and writing in the manuscript.

I’m not going to preach the manuscript tonight. I’m just going to preach a preacher sermon. I want to do something practical from a standpoint of looking at these passages, and then you can take the manuscript if you’d like to read it and sort of supplement the material of this particular section in first screen is 15, but I believe first Corinthians 15 was written because of verse 12.

And then later on verse 34 as a supplemental statement to verse 12. And so I’m going to quote from the king James version. If you have a different translation, you follow along, but let’s start in verse 12. Now, if Christ be preached that you rose from the dead, how say some among you, there is no resurrection of the dead,

but if there is no resurrection or the Vino resurrection of the dead, then there’s Christ not risen. And if Christ is not raised, then our preaching’s vain, your faith is also vain. Yay. We are found false witnesses of God because we testified of God that he raised up Christ, whom he raised not up. If the dead rise, not if the dead rise not is Christ,

not raised Christ not raise your faith is in vain. You’re still in your sins. You’re yet. And you’re seeing things. Then they also, which have fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If hand this alive only we have hope in Christ. We are of all men, most miserable. Well that’s through verse 19 now verse 20, but, but now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept for since by man came death by man came also the resurrection of the dead for as in Adam,

all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order Christ the first fruits then afterwards, they that are Christ at his coming then comes the end. We shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the father when have put down all rule and all authority and all power, but he must reign and do that.

Put all enemies under his feet. And when, and the last enemy, which is chubby, defeated is dead. And when he has put all things under him, then it shall be said is manifested that he is accepted referring to God, the father, that he is accepted, who put all things under him. And when all things shall be subdued unto him,

then shall the son also himself be subject unto him who put all things under him that God may be all in all now else. What, what shall they do that are baptized for the date of the dead night rise? Not at all. Why then are they baptized for the dead? And why do we stand in jeopardy ever hour, a protest by your rejoicing,

which I have in Christ. You. So Lord, I die daily. If after the manner of man, I have fought with these, that emphasis. What advantage of may at the dead rise, not let us eat and drink for tomorrow. We die. Be not deceived evil communications, corrupt, good manners, awake to righteousness and sin. Not for some,

have not the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame. Now you think about the details that are found within those passages. And I start tonight with verse 12 and verse 34. I’m going to put these two verses together. This is the first point in this lesson. Tonight. Point number one is this is a section to expose the error that was found with reference to a fundamental fact and a fundamental teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Verse 12 is talking about preaching by the way, what was the first part of first Corinthians, 15 talking about the gospel, which I preached unto you, that which I received by the way the Preachers have to preach. If you destroy the foundation of our preaching, listen, we’re not up here to tell jokes. There are enough comedians out here in the world to put us out of a job.

Okay? We’re not here to read the newspapers. We’re here to give a message that has to do with the souls of men. Now, Andy eternity, and this resurrection, toppy, not just the resurrection of the data as a whole, particularly the resurrection of Christ. When people denied the resurrection period, when you denied the class of all those raised from the dead,

then you’re going to do something to the particulars and named me a particular that was raised from the dead. If all are not, what are the one and the song of those particulars and Christ is one of those particulars. We’ll come back to this important. Number two in just a second, but it’s interesting, at least to me in looking at first screen is 15.

He says, how saves some among you? Listen. The said, you sees you go back and study the Sadducees during Jesus’ day. And even the Sadducees following after the resurrection and Ascension of Christ, do they deny souls, angels? The resurrection didn’t that? I even challenge Jesus in Matthew 22 with reverence to the resurrection and given the illustration, the man that had the wife,

then he died and he had six brothers and they all had her in the resurrection whose wife shall she be for? They all had her. Jesus said you do earth. Not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God. By the way, to know, the scripture is to know the power of car and the more, you know, the scripters and the more you hold to it,

the more power you’ve got. Well, what have you got to do? Look, you can’t let members of the church believe error. You can’t let members of the church promote error. Particularly if it’s going to undermine the very preaching and the very faith by which people received their faith. Think of this a minute. He says some have not the knowledge of God,

but that’s okay. Believe whatever you won’t believe. That’s not what verse 34 says, I speak this to your shame. It’s a shameful thing that people don’t know God. And the problem here is not that the world had no God, he’s talking about some among you, some among you, the very idea that anybody would obey the gospel, that the foundation is the death,

the burial, the resurrection of Christ and the implications that come from that. And then later on in life, come onto the influence of a modernist or a post-modernist and turn around and say, there’s no absolute truth. Therefore, what are you going to do with that implication? By the way, is the resurrection of Christ an absolute truth. Well, if there’s no absolute truth,

then that’s not absolute. Now you take that away and tell me what a preacher’s got to preach at a graveside. What have you got to do for doctor tells you, you got six weeks to live. Pray. Tell me how you’re going to mentally, emotionally, spiritually survive that. But I’m here to give you some good news tonight. Not everybody’s rotting in the church.

Just some, some among you say there is no resurrection of the dead song, by the way you say, well, Paul is picking on these people. Let’s back up in first grade. It was a read chapter 11 verses 18 and 19 here. You’ve got a section in first Corinthians 11 before we ever get to chapter 15. He says, first of all,

when you come together and the church, meaning in the assembly, I hear there be divisions among you are systems. We call them cliques or clans inside and inside the congregation, you know, divisions inside of congregation. We’re supposed to be one Susan. I partly believe it. Now watch verse 19. And there must also be heresies. There must be.

If I were to say, you must be born again, you must worship him in spirit and in truth. How do you interpret must? It’s going to be there. Listen, don’t wring your hands and throw off your hand. Well, what in the world? What is the church going? What is the world coming to every time in our brotherhood,

some new something comes up that all of a sudden, some folks think that’s just something nobody’s ever preached that nobody’s ever taught. That man, that that’s amazing. That’s what I’m going to believe from now. You better be examining the scriptures to see whether those things are. So by the way, got that from a book somewhere too. And an example back in the first century,

and this was an inspired man preaching to these people and they took the Bible to see if it was so acts 17, 11, the Bereans. So what’s the point here. Paul has to address this. He has to expose these people. How, say some among I’m not speaking this to your credit. I’m speaking this to your shame. There must be heresies among you verse 19,

why that they, which are approved might be made manifest among you. Years ago, the light brother William Woodson was in a class I was in and he was discussing this very passage. And he was talking about that about every 10 years, if you go back and study church history about every decade throughout time, you’re going to find some ism that raises its ugly head out here.

And there’s a segment in our brotherhood. That’s just going to latch on to that ism. And then they’re going to walk away with that and say, we have found the truth and what’s happened is we have found a way to split the church to create another division in the church as though it’s not tragic enough with what we got going on now. And yet,

if you look at the brethren as a whole, they that are approved among you are going to stay the course and there must be all these new ideas coming up through time that they, which are approved may be made manifest among you. Turn Titus chapter one, look at verses 15, 16, last two verses in Titus one, he says to the pure,

all things are pure. Think of that a minute to a person who’s honest and a good heart. Who’s pure in heart. He opens up the Bible with an honest and pure heart and he wants to know the truth. Lord, tell me what to believe. I don’t want to read into this. What I want it to say. I want to read out of it.

What you’re actually saying to the pure all things are pure, but to the defiled, nothing’s pure. Nothing’s pure. What is it? But to the bottom of the disobedient, what are these people? Even their own mind and their own conscience is defiled. Look at verse 16. They profess that they know God, let us think in a minute. These are people who claim to have the truth.

You’re telling me some have not the knowledge of God. That’s an apostle telling them. Now these people would say, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I know God. I profess to know God. Then he says, show me your works. Show me the works of your faith. You don’t even believe in the resurrection. Let me tell you what you’re going to do.

You’re going to eat and you’re going to drink for tomorrow. You die. That’s what you’re going to. That is the consequence of denying the bodily resurrection of the dead. Oh, by the way, let’s just all go to Hardee’s. All right. We are wasting our time here. If the resurrection of the dead is faults, Hey, you got to expose that error.

No look, oh, that’s negative preaching brother, car people. Won’t listen to that. You’ll run them off. I ask you a question as anybody who thinks negative preaching is bad. Thank the apostle. Paul was an awful preacher. Did they think he was in the wrong church? Everybody I know praises the apostle Paul, his writings, his preaching,

his laugh Hayven is DAS. And this is the holy spirit through Paul business. Paul’s own personality. He loved his church. He literally through his preaching, started this church car Rams. How is it that some among you say there is no resurrection of the day. I can’t let the church at car rent. I can’t let that go. How many you’ve ever his preachers had to do that in your own congregation,

you learn something and you say, I can’t let that go. Now, let me give you some advice. My daddy gave me that I’ve tried to apply it. Notice I said try. Sometimes my daddy would find something that he had learned in the local congregation, where he is working. And in his mind like Barney Fife, you got to nip that in the bud,

which meant, which by the way, Matt, the next time he got in the pit, that’s what he thought that meant. And then he told me, he said, Jim, let me tell you something. I’m going to give you some advice of mistakes I’ve made in the past. Give your science self time to settle down, to study about it and to pray a whole lot about it.

And don’t get in there emotionally driven, get in there, prepare with what God wants you to do and deliver it. And the interest of these people in that pew, because you’re trying to help them. You’re not trying to hurt them. You’re trying to help them. But sometimes folks truth hurts, correct? Truth hurts. And where there’s error. You’re not their friend and letting them stay in error.

You are their friend by showing them. Now you hold this position. Here’s what this position is. Do you get what this position is in contrast to what the Bible actually says. They don’t friend, brother, sister. And you may think I absolutely am your worst enemy. You don’t re I’m your best friend right now. I’m here to expose what is detrimental,

not just a preacher’s preaching, but to your faith. Did you notice in that line of argument, he said, our preaching is vain. Your faith is at bay. He said, your faith is in vain twice in this section. Oh wait, anytime the Bible repeats anything, it’s in there for a good reason. All right. So that’s point number one,

let’s go down to point number two, beginning nine, verse 13, literally all the way down to verse 32, he emphasizes implications and he explains and evaluates the amplications. If you hold this position, these are the necessary implications that follow the necessary steps. You’re going down this road. Now there’s a bad interpretation here. And that’s going to take you down this road that probably you don’t want to end up on,

but this is logically how that works, but starting verse 20, here’s the truth and where the truth. There are also implications. There are logical steps that take you down a road. That, by the way, if you said, which one of these two roads do you want to go down and end up in? I’m sure you’re going to pick that road.

That ends up where the truth started versus the position. Some of you are holding and it’s taking you down this road. Get the idea. He is examining the, if then’s oh, my brother, George bill was here. He could tell you more about this than I even know anything about. Okay? Listen, the Bible is full of laundry full of it.

The Bible doesn’t say, come let us reason together for nothing. Prove all things, hold that fast. That which is good. There is a reason why that’s in there. That cause when you open up your Bible, you engage your mind. You use good common sense and good reasoning practices to arrive at these truths, put them all together and wallah.

The sum of that word is truth, right? Psalm 1 19 1 60 American standard translation. Okay? Here’s the error. If there is no resurrection, then Christ is not raised. If Christ is not raised, our preaching is vain. Your faith is in vain. We are false witnesses of God because everywhere we’ve ever gone, we have testified of God that he raised up Christ.

You’re still in your sins. Your loved ones who have died in Christ are perished. And you won’t talk about hope. Guess what kind of hope you’ve got? If there’s no resurrection, we are a most miserable group of people. By the way, you want a frown coming into the worship services in here and do your, this preacher sermon. Don’t believe in the resurrection of the dead.

There’s your hope volts. We don’t have anything to offer anybody. But verse 20 now is Christ risen from the dead he states. It is a fact not as a possibility or even a probability. A fact, by the way, easy and eye witness of the resurrected Christ. I wasn’t here to hear Jeff sermon last night. But the fact of the matter is Paul even talks about himself being one born out of due season.

Did he see the lower on the road to Damascus saw the living Lord, oh wait, I don’t rake preach his sermon. Give me a, give me a thought here. The idea that Jesus showed himself, the disciples about 500 breathers and then the apostle the solver, someone says, well, they were born to believe that. Let me ask you a question.

When Saul of Tarsus saw Jesus on the Damascus road, did he want to believe that Jesus was raised from the dead? He didn’t go to Damascus to make disciples. He go end up making disciples. He himself is going to be one. He went there to persecute these people because he thought Jesus was a fraud. But the evidence to Saul of Tarsus was overwhelming.

Look, you can’t deny what you’re looking at. By the way, by faith, you accepted the fact that I’m married for years, you have accepted that. And now, you know, by sight that I’m married and not by faith anymore. It’s my site. So all of times is good in and out of what he’s looking at. So I’m gonna talk to this,

getting to know what he was hearing. And by the way, when a man showed up, that was scared to death of him because the Lord told him what he was going to walk into. When an ISE comes in here and teach them the truth three days after he’s been blind and he’s not hungry or thirsty by the way, because he’s upset because he hadn’t learned yet what to do.

And when he, what to do afterwards, what does he preach? It says, and next night he preached Jesus as the son of God, Romans one four says and declared to be the son of God with power. According to the spirit of wholeness, by the resurrection of the dead, the resurrection of the day, it is God’s declaration. This is my song.

By the way, he was the son of God for God. He raised him from the dead. The resurrection of Christ is God’s definitive declaration. This error you’re espousing friend. I mean you no harm, but you are going down a road. You don’t want to go. Now let me story is my dad used to say, drive a pig down here and give you a thought,

cause I was thinking about this and preaching and preparing for this lesson, false positions. And I don’t care if it had to do with the resurrection and don’t believe in the resurrection, any false position has consequences. Yes, it has implications. And whether you liked the implications or not, you hold to this position, this is where you hit it. Now I want to get away from the topic of the resurrection for just a second and show you from a practical standpoint,

this happens all the time. When you’re doing private studies with people, you’re sitting down and you’re talking with a person about the subject of baptism. You’re trying to lead them to understand that baptism is immersion and that it does have to do with the remission of sins. You are not saved until you’ve been immersed, knowing it was for the remission of sin.

You may have even been immersed and thought you were saved bef before you were immersed. You need to understand that you are lost before you were immersed and after you were immersed, that’s when you put on Christ. That’s when you were saying were remitted. That’s when you became a Christian, not before, but after. And you’re sitting down and you walk through every passage on the subject of baptism.

And by the way, you’re going to end up in first Peter 3 21. That’s the last reference which definitively says the light figure wearing to baptism does not have anything to do with your salvation. That is not what that verse say. Not in my Bible, not in yours, not in anybody else’s and even the Greek new Testament would bear that baptism does save us.

It is not. The putting away of the filter of flesh has nothing to do with a bat. It is the answering of a good contents toward God. You want a good, good contents. You be baptized. You don’t be baptized. You have no right to a good conscience. And you’re sitting down and you’re teaching an individual how they, they need to know that they need to understand that before they have obeyed God,

before they have obeyed the gospel. And all of a sudden this person turns to you. Like they turned to me and said, now Mr. Cart, cause by the way he can’t call me brother. He’s not my brother and the Lord brother and Adam. Yes. Not in the lore, Mr. Cart. If what you are saying is true.

What about my grandmother? Who is dead? Who never was immersed was baptized though. She was sprinkled. My grandmother was the most passed woman ever walked this planet. You’re not going to tell me she wasn’t a good woman. I cannot bring myself to believe my dead grandmother’s lost. But if what you’re saying is true, that’s the implication about my grandmother.

How many of you ever run into that? Me explain something to you. First Corinthians 15, 12 to 19 says you believe a false position. This is where you hit. These are the implications where this is headed. And I cannot allow you to accept a false position because if I allow you the living to hold a false position, you end up in the same consequence.

I don’t hate your grandmother. There’s nothing I can do about your grandmother. I can do something about gee, God being my helper. I will not stand before my maker and the day of judgment just to make you feel good. I’m going to answer for what I’ve done to try to help you see, look, I am not your enemy. I am right now,

your best friend. I’m your best friend. I’ll give you another illustration. I you’ve ever heard the position. I don’t practice the use of instrumental music in new Testament worship, but I don’t see anything wrong with those that, do you ever walked with a person like that? I have in several sense. Yes. And I’ll say, all right, let’s follow this line of reasoning here.

You say you don’t use instrumental music, but you don’t see anything wrong with those that do all right. Since you don’t see anything wrong with those that do, therefore they’re doing it in your mind is not a sin for if it was a sand. Nobody could argue with it. If it is a sand, nobody can practice it, but you don’t have problems with other people practicing it.

You just don’t practice. So it’s not a sand in your eyes. Step number two, are you with me? Step number two, if it’s not a sin, then it’s not a matter of faith for if it were a matter of faith, everybody is to conform to matters of faith. Are you with me? Step number three, since then, it’s not a matter of faith.

As far as your position is concerned, then it has to be a matter of judgment. Does it not? It has to be a matter of judgment in your eyes. Your judgment is right now. You don’t practice it. Your judgment is they practice it, but that’s their judgment. This is not a matter of faith is it’s a matter of judging Euro.

Step number four matters of judgment are not binding. Would you agree with that? Matters of judgment are not binding. You can’t make a test of fellowship of a matter of judgment though. We’ve done that in our brotherhood enough times, but for those that are the brotherhood that I know you don’t mind in matters of judgment. You haven’t stayed Romans 14 enough to know that mass matters in judgment.

Now, since then, according to your position, it’s matters of judgment. A matters of judgment. We don’t bind things along comes a person who wants the instrument or music and the congregation where you worship and they press it hard to have it. Now, here you are. You’ve never practiced it a day in your life, but now you have someone there who wants it.

Now, your position holes. It’s not a sin for some to use it. And since it’s not a sand, it’s not our matter of faith. And since it’s not a matter of faith, therefore it’s a matter of judgment. And since it’s a matter of judgment, imagine matters of judgment are not binding and I’m not going to bind my judgment on this person.

And so watch this position for the sake of unity. We’ll have the instrument along. I’ll have a hard time getting used to it. Step number five, you see these implications where I’m hitting step number five. Now you’ve practiced it long enough. Your conscience has gotten used to it and things are shorter rocking along. It looks like everybody’s enjoying this. Everybody’s getting along with it.

So there’s no division created by this cause you’re letting it happen. So back at original position one, I don’t use instrumental music. And by the time you get to step number six, you’re now using it and I’ll take you to step number seven. The very fact that you’re using it. And then I come along and say, you told me years ago,

you don’t practice instrumental music, but you don’t see anything wrong with others. Now you’re using it. Step number seven. Now you’re going to defend it. Now you’re going to defend that. You’re practicing it because you have to now show me in here, the authority for it. Amen. Listen, when you start with a position of error, there are implications of steps that take you down a road.

You may never know where you headed, but folks like you and me come in and we show you where that road goes. One day you’ll be using it. And one day you’ll be defending it. You’re not just me defending the rights of others to use it. You’ll be defending your own ride. Now show me where God said and must worship him in spirit and in truth,

where that is authorized. And I want you to go back here and the old Testament, show it an old Testament. I can show you an old, we’re not on the old Testament. Show me under the new. Now you get the idea from first grade is 15. I’m not even talking about the resurrection. This point, I’m talking about what this chapter is dealing with.

If you believe this, this holds true. Whether you like it or not, you still on your Sans. Those that have died in Christ are perished. We have no hope. We’re all men. If you hold this position, this is what you must also believe. But I don’t believe that position. I believe there is a resurrection of the dead and not only do I believe there is a reservation.

Did I got Christ resurrection as the first fruits of it? So now I close with exhortation. Last two verses in my chapter, not section, be not deceived. Do not let people who hold false positions make you hold them evil communications, corrupt. Look, they don’t corrupt bad people. They corrupt good bad people already corrupted. They corrupt good folks.

They corrupt good people in the church. You cannot let error be taught from pulpits. It will corrupt good folks. Oh wait. That’s not just Java preachers. As Java, elder shins, elder shifts ought to know differ between air and truth. Talk. When a preacher gets in that pulpit, they know the difference. And if he’s not teaching it,

you fix it. That’s your job. You’re going to be held accountable before God and feeding this flaw giving account for their souls. Trust me. It’s hard enough to be a preacher. I’m also serving as one of the elders. Woo. Yeah. Woo. You don’t know how big of who that is. When my brother Brian was talking about, I’ve been at Bethel,

you know, since 1984, I’m going to tell you why it’s because of the elders I’ve served under. Sometimes I’ve had to preach. What’s called the moving sermons. And that means when a U hall is backed up to your house. Not somebody else. When I got through preaching, the elder said that was the truth. That’s where we stand. And I don’t care how less amount of money you make or don’t make.

That goes a long way to your happiness and the happiness of your family. Listen, when you got the truth, you got nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. You hold your head in. Some may go that route and it ain’t going to be me. It ain’t going to be me. That’s not going to be you because you’re not converted to the brethren.

You converted to the Lord. And I do know what evil communications do and here’s good manners, good morals. You’ve seen that, right? You’ve seen that in children and all of a sudden they get under the wrong influence. And the next thing you know, come home and say, I have no intention to go to church ever a day in my life,

much less back home with you. What happened? I got under some influence out here at college, or I had somebody I got on the internet and rethought my life. Evil communications, corrupt. Good, good manners. Expectation. Number two, awake, wake up. Oh, awake to righteousness and sin. Not the word sin there means to come short off.

If you hold a position here, you’re not coming short of the glory of God. You’re right on par with what God wants you to believe in follow. But if you don’t wake up and realize, not everybody out here is right, there is truth. And not everybody holds it. Not everybody believes it. Wake to righteousness. Know what? Roger,

by the way, no water evil is no. What righteousness is caused. There is absolute evil and absolute righteousness and sin and understand. Not everybody knows God, not everybody has the knowledge of God. Is it? Do you not find it ironic that Paul would be the apostle to make that statement? Was there a time when Saul of Tarsus thought he knew God,

when he didn’t know God at all? And now he’s saying some have not the knowledge of God. I speak this day and say, Hey, you got the right to be talking about shame. Paul would say, I used to believe error. I used to believe it’s so zealously. I persecuted the church and they was none my equal, but I was wrong.

I was dead wrong. And if I had died in that persuasion, I lose my soul and you open up Paul’s letters and you’re looking at the heartbeat of a man who is she screaming to help people brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer for God or Israel is that they might be saved. I bear them record that God’s angel of God, but not according to knowledge,

they don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know where they’re going. They are ignorant of God’s righteousness. They’ve gone about to establish their own. They have not submitted in the rise of God. They’re lost. He’s not thumping his chest and saying, look how great I am. And look at how bad these folks are. He says, I wished myself,

I cursed our cars. What does that? If it meant my being lost that my nation be saved so bad, by the way, that’s not going to happen. But that’s his wish. Think of that. Here’s a person that grew up in denominationalism is trying to teach a person the truth who’s in denominationalism I’ve been where you are. Don’t go down this road.

Don’t stay in that. Yes. I’ve got loved ones that aren’t going to be converted, but that don’t have to happen to you. Get the idea. Look, folks, we’re here to preach the gospel to people who are lost and dying. And a resurrection gives you hope error gives you nothing. But I loss of hope in spite of the fact that you may think you’re right,

that’s the tragic of it. Be not deceived, not everybody’s got the knowledge of God. Thanks being to God. We got this called the Bible and I’m thankful we got it in English. I’m thankful that I can pick it up and read it day or night. At any time when I’m awake, I can study privately or publicly with anybody and say,

can you help me with this verse? I don’t want to think. I know what that says. I want to know what that say is, cause I won’t be right. I don’t want to be wrong. Now if you show me where I’m wrong, please do so. So that I can know that I’m right. When I change, how many of you in this very room tonight have that very attitude.

That’s what made you a Christian? That’s what made you obey the gospel? I thought I was right. I was dead wrong. I was not baptized for the remission of my sins. I thought I was saved before I was baptized. I didn’t know, babe, what the Bible says. I won’t obey what God says. I know. I know,

right? There’s no, I’ll go Franklin. And you say that. I know that. I know that. I know. So we offer the invitation tonight, be not deceived, expose the air, examine and explore the implications that come from false hood. And also what implications from truth. There are good conflict, things that come from truth. And he,

the exhortation awake to righteousness do not meet to see you’re subject tonight to be baptized into Jesus Christ. Believing these, the son of God, the resurrection even confirms. He’s the son of God, repent of your sins. Confess the faith you have like the unit. Did I believe that Jesus Christ the son of God and listen, the unit commanded chariot to stand still,

not the preacher eunuch. They hear her come in to the chair to stand steel. Oh, it couldn’t probably get it stopped. Quick enough. The water was there. That is all he lacked because he already believed. And he went on his way with hope because he understood what Isaiah 53 is talking about now. And Isaiah 53 is the death, the burial and the resurrection of the Messiah.

It’s the gospel. If you’ve been baptized, but yet maybe you’ve got trapped in some of this other stuff, come home, come home. We’re going to be letting the invitation song. We’ll pray with you in any way possible to help you. Why don’t you come as we stand in St.


Jimmy Clark
The Resurrection of the Dead
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