Joshua Cantrell-There Are Things To Put Off

There Are Things To Put Off (Colossians 3:5-9)

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or you’re a servant to seeing again, Romans chapter six, 16, and following again, Colossians chapter three, verse one and two enrollments 12 verse number two there, the idea of Paul is saying we should be willing to transform our minds in verse number five here. Paul says mortify or put to death. Now in the first section here, Colossians three,

verse number five to verse number six, there Paul is going to talk about more or less some ideas of the flesh. And then in verse number eight in verse number nine, he’s going to turn his attention towards something because I’m going to go ahead and put all these up here for the sake of time this afternoon, the first one here, Paul talks about his sexual and morality,

and as chapter 15 there, the Jerusalem council, of course, in Galatians chapter five in verse number 19, there, Paul spends a great deal of time talking about the worst of the works of the flesh and everything that’s associated with that. And also first Thessalonians chapter four, three through five, a very interesting verse there for your note says, well,

Paul goes on to talk about uncleanly MIS or impurity, and second Corinthians chapter six and verse number 17. I want to read that verse to you in second Corinthians, of course, Paul they’re riding through the congregation at Corinth for the second time in second Corinthians six in verse number 17 there Paul says here, wherefore come out from among you and be separate set the Lord and touch not the unclean thing.

And Paul there says, I will receive you. Paul goes on to talk about it in that same context in ordinance affections passions or enrollments chapter one, verse number 18 and following. And he talks about the sinfulness of the Gentile world and verse number 26. There he really highlights are really press the palms are my, that idea. There is nothing wrong with lust,

but as I heard one preacher say, when love goes to bed with the devil, then that’s where the situation or that’s where the problem is going to arise. Now, of course we know, according to James chapter one, verse 13, let no man say when I’m tempted, I am tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil. Neither he attempts to any man,

but every man is tempted. Here it is when he is drawn away from his own lust and entice. So again, when lust goes to bed with the devil, James says that is where the scene is going to come forth or more or less. That is where the passion or the lust they’re real. Paul also talks about the evil desire. The Bible says in Matthew chapter five and verse 28,

Christ says if a man looks upon a woman and lust after her in his heart, Christ said that man is already guilty of that fat. But again, the idea that God wants us to do is to think on the positive things in Philippians chapter four, verse number eight, Paul says finally, my brother whatsoever, things that are true whatsoever, things that are honest whatsoever,

things that are just lovely and of a group report. Paul said that there be any virtue or there be any praise. Paul says, we need to think on these things. It’s amazing sometimes how our minds began to wonder on this, that in the year that Paul says in Philippians chapter four, verse number eight, it’s amazing that if we can keep our mindset on the things Paul tells us to keep our minds on.

That’s not going to allow our minds to wonder on all the different distractions that we find in the world today. Again, distractions don’t look like distractions until they finished distracting you. One person said, well, you know what? I’m strong enough and you know what you may be, but you know what? There have been a lot of great people who have made that statement.

There have been a lot of great people who said I’m focused on what I have to do. But again, in Philippians chapter four, verse number eight, Paul helps us attune our mind to spiritual things. And that section there, he also talks about in this section in verse number five in verse number six, he talks about the idea of grief and Luke 12 and verse number 15,

the Bible says take heat and beware of covetousness for a man’s life, consistent, not in the abundance of the things which you pose. This is in the world in which we live in today. People put a lot of emphasis on all the different possessions and all the different stuff we have, but we sing the song. This world is not my home.

I’m just a passing through. It’s amazing how we sing that song. We believe that song when it’s convenient for us. But again, when we die, our stuff is still going to be here. When we die, someone else is going to drive our car. When we die, someone else who’s going to live into our house. And Matthew chapter six and verse number 19,

set up for yourselves, treasures upon the earth where moth and dust, rough death corrupt and where thieves break through and steal. But he says, lay up for yourselves where treasures in heaven for where your treasure is, verse number 21. There will your heart be. Also, the idea is if you seek those things with char bub Colossians three, verse one,

if we have been raised with him and baptism Colossians two verse number 12, then our minds are always going to be on Jesus or our minds are always going to be looking for. And second Peter chapter two, verse three, and also second Peter two. This number 14 is what I love Ephesians chapter four, verse 17 and falling during there. And that entire context Paul is talking about putting on the new man.

Paul says, first of all, the old man has died. It’s amazing. Sometimes have people constantly try to pitch, try to dig up the old man. If we put all that work in trying to bury the old man, why go back and get them? Why go back and dig them back up. Many of us in here this afternoon have fought day in and day out to be the people we are today.

We’ve struggled. We’ve gone through test after test and life. And it’s almost as if people just take off their Christian armor, go dig up the old man, because you know what? That old man they were comfortable with, that was one of Egypt’s problems. They constantly want it to go back to Egypt, but I’ve always found that amazing because after everything they endured in Egypt,

they had the nerve to say, let’s kill Moses. Let’s kill Aaron. And let’s go back to Egypt, spiritually or metaphorically speaking this afternoon. I don’t think any of us want to go back to Egypt. Verse number six in Colossians chapter three. Notice what Paul says in Colossians three verse six. The Bible says for which things said, the wrath of God,

coming to the children, obedience two points here. Number one, God has not destined the believer for wrath. The Bible here says in first Thessalonians one verse number 10, verse number, chapter five and verse number nine, and also Romans chapter one, verse 18 as well for the wrath of God is revealed against all of them who hold and who suppress the truth and on the righteousness.

And the second of all children of life should not be doing the sinful deeds of children, of darkness, children. And I get it. Sometimes we say, well, you know what? We have to go where the lost, or we have to go evangelize. We have to go talk to them. And that’s true. But sometimes it’s almost as if God’s people we go and we sit down as Peter did amongst enemies of Christ thinking,

they’re not going to have any influence over us. And before you know what, just like that, a Peter Peter said, I don’t know who he is. Peter said that Jesus, that Lord Peter said, I have no idea who the man is. In fact, the account in mark chapter 14, 27, and following the Bible says Peter began to curse.

And to swear, Peter said, I have no idea who the man is. The little may said, weren’t you? One of those men that was with Jesus of Nazareth, someone always is watching. And someone would always recognize us Ephesians chapter five in verse number eight. Also with that same, with that same idea as well in verse number seven here,

Paul says in the, which he also walks in with in the, which he also walked sometimes when you lived in them, first of all, God has saved us. And if he’s in chapter one and verse number seven, there, Paul talks about how God has predestinated us in verse number four and verse number seven, how we are now adopted into the family of God and Ephesians chapter two,

verse one and verse one through three. Paul says in him, have you quick. And you made alive who was dead in trespasses and sin and Titus three verse five Titus says not by works of righteousness, which we have done. If there was a way for us to make ourselves righteous, don’t you think someone would have already come up with that way?

Well, the point there is no one can make themselves righteous before the God of heaven. If we can make ourselves righteous before God, there will be no need for Jesus. We could declare ourselves justified. We could declare ourselves righteous before the God of heaven. But again, Titus says it’s not about works of righteousness, which we have done. We haven’t done anything to make ourselves worthy before the God in heaven,

we stand before the God of heaven, guilty of all the things have done and Titus there’s again, a it’s not because of anything we have done in Romans chapter five and verse number six, Paul says for when we were yet without strength in due time, Christ died for the young golly for scheduling for Mike’s. A righteous man would die. You have provincial for a good man.

Some would even dare to die, but he says, God commended his love toward us. Here’s the phrase. And that while we were sinners, Christ died for us while we were lost Christ, oh, that is God sent his son to save us from our sins. And then second of all God’s will for us is to best we’ll look at Galatians chapter five with me in Galatians chapter five.

Again, that entire context, everyone in Galatians, chapter five in verse number 24, Paul here says, and they that are Christ have crucified the flesh with the affections plus verse 25. If we live in the spirit, he says, let us also walk in the spirit. I love that idea that he said, if we’re going to live in this spirit,

if we’re going to claim to be Christian disciples of God, we need to also walk the same thing. We’re professing. People don’t mind walking. They don’t mind doing that. But when the Bible talks about again in verse number 25, if we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit. It’s amazing. Sometimes we talk to people every single day.

We even talked to people who have been in who haven’t been here in a long time. And they say, you know what? I’m I’m trying. I’m doing the very best I have or the, oh, I’m doing the best with what I have to work with. God doesn’t want us on one perspective to do the best for what we have to work with without him.

When we start doing things without God, when we start doing things without Christ, again, we always are going to get ourselves into more trouble. But the last of our time in verse number eight, and then we’re going to make some application. Look at what Paul says here. Paul says in Colossians three, verse eight. So now he turns his attention to put more or less of the things that we say.

Verse number eight, he verse number seven. He says, and which he also walked sometime when he lived in them. But now you also put all these things. He says anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. First of all, Paul says and put away anger and Ephesians four verse 26, Paul says be angry and sin.

Not let not the sun go down upon the wrath and James chapter one verse number 19, James says, let us be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. The main text I really want you to consider is over in James chapter three, verse number one and following and James chapter three, verse number five, James talks about even.

So the tongue is a little member and bull stiff gray things. Here’s a good illustration for you. We, we, we often say that words don’t hurt people. It makes absolutely no sense, but imagine taking your tooth paste, imagine trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. Now you may say that man, that that makes absolutely no sense, but that’s exactly how it is.

When we say things, we try to take it back. Once it’s out is always going to be out and it’s going to stay out. James says we can control great ships. James says, we can make horses go where we want them to go. But James says the tongue can no maintain. If he’s again, James chapter three, verse number five.

And following second of all, Paul talks about malice, Romans one verse 19 and 18. If you’re a member of that chef to 1818, the following there, he talks about time and the sorcerer and Matthew chapter five verse number 44, Jesus talks about loving your enemies and also praying for them as well. Paul, in this context also talks about slander or blessed for me.

First, Peter chapter five and verse number six in Philippians two, two and three. And the reason why I put those in there, because the question is, how do I overcome slander or blast for me? First, Peter chapter five, verse number six, Peter, there talks about humbling yourselves under the mighty hand of God, but also in Philippians chapter two,

there, as Paul is running through the current edition of Philippon verse two, Paul says fulfill ye my joy that she be like-minded having the same love being a one of core and a one mind verse three, he says, let nothing be done through strife or Vainglory, but in lowliness of mind, let each esteem other better than themselves. Imagine all the great we could do for the cause of Christ and for the brother.

And if the only time we talked about each other was to lift each other up. What’s the pray for each other. I heard I saw one, a congregation had on their Facebook page. Don’t put a brother down unless it’s on a prayer list. I say it ain’t mean to that. It was all easy to look down on people, their situation,

their problems, when we need to be lifting each other up in prayer every single day. Second, next of all, in this context, he talks about 50 communication. Again, Matthew 10, 10, and following, and also James three, three through eight. Last of all in verse number eight, Paul talks about lying, not one to another.

Again, Ephesians chapter four, verse number 17, and following one of the characteristics that is the putting on the new man is that the new man doesn’t lie anymore. I tell the people here at south Florida avenue all the time. I have a good friend. Every time he’s talking to me, he’s lying. Every time he talks, he’s lying, but because I know he’s lying.

Guess what? I’m able to talk with him and work with him in a certain way. And the Bible says in John eight verse 44, lying is a characteristic of the devil. The Bible says you are of your father, the devil, the lust of your father, you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning in the bowl. Not in the truth because there is no truth in him.

When you open up the word of God in Genesis chapter three, verse one, the Bible says now the serpent was more sub-tab what? More soda? More crafty, more cunning than in the beast of the field, which the Lord God had made. He sent it to the woman gay half God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden.

The Bible pretty much goes on to say in verse number three and four there. If you eat this tree, you will not die. God told them a Genesis two. If you either this tree, you will surely die. Every time he’s talking, he’s lying. And that’s the characteristic. I certainly don’t want around me. And again, revelation 21,

verse eight, but the fearful, the unbelieving, the abominable, the whoremongers, the adulterers and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire was burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. Again, Ephesians chapter four, that entire context, verse 25. He says, wherefore put away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbors for we are members one to another.

We have no business lying to each other because again, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s look at a few application points. First of all, we need to put the old, we need to put the old man to death. Again, the Bible here says in Colossians chapter two, verse number 12, we have been buried with him in baptism,

Colossians three verse one. We now seek those things which are above Colossians three, verse five, mortified to dead and or to put to death. Again. The idea is once we put these things to death, all we separate these things more or less from our everyday walk of life. We need to leave them where they are is no need for us to go back and pick up line.

There’s no need for us to go back and pick up being in the IHSS or holding grudges for each other. Paul says, once you have put those things to death, let them stay dead. There’s no need for any of us this afternoon. I have these things in our lives. Second of all, we should desire. We should take pleasure in doing the wheel of God.

I believe God just, just smiles in heaven. When he knows that we are doing his will. Even if those around us, even though they are Christians, even though they’re not doing the will of God, I can just imagine in my mind, the God of heaven, rejoicing over the fact that my children are living in my wheel and they are doing what I told them to do.

What greater pleasure do parents have? The knowing that their children are living the way they raised them up to be. They’re doing the things they taught us. They’re doing the things they showed us to do. And as a result of that, the God of heaven feels, feels the same way about us as well. Third of all, God saved us for love and good works in Ephesians chapter two in verse number 10,

Paul says for, we are his workmanship created with him in Christ Jesus, and for what purpose, Paul, so that we can do love and good works and then forth. We need to put away evil motives again, Philippians chapter four and verse number eight. He talks about meditate or to think on these things. And first and second, Peter chapter one,

verse number five, Peter said as soon, according to get old, lay these things down side by side, add to your faith virtue to virtue, knowledge, to knowledge, temporaries, of course, all those attributes that we should always be willing to add to our lives. So again, the things that we need to put off Colossians three, five through nine,

and again, it’s so easy to go back and get the stuff that we put to death. But in Colossians three, verse number five, Paul says mortify or dead in those things, or the idea there of have let them stay dead. And as a result of that in Colossus three, verse one, if we constantly seek the God in heaven, certainly our lives will be a blessing as a result of that.

But the God and heaven will be pleased as well. Thank you much.

Joshua Cantrell
There Are Things To Put Off (Colossians 3:5-9)
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