The Resurrection Body (1 Corinthians 15:35-58)

In 2022 - The Power of His Resurrection, Lectureship by Hiram Kemp

Automated Transcript

First Corinthians chapter 15. Okay. We didn’t know if it was going to work, but it’s working now. I don’t know what you think happens when people die. What happens to the human body as we die? If you Google that question, what happens to the human body? When we die, you’ll get a slew of articles with a slew of different answers,

mainly discussing the natural process that the body goes through. That is that the body shuts down the brain, no longer shows, function or activity in the body will not respond to any resuscitate efforts. The secularist believes that when we die, our bodies are done. That’s the end of it. And that’s all they can tell us for the most part is that when we die,

our bodies are done. But what happens after that? There’s not much more. They can say the Bible says that the body is separated from the spirit leads to death. James 2 26, and Solomon said in Ecclesiastes these 12 and verse seven, that the body will return to the dust from which it came. But the spirit were returned back to the God who gave it.

And we might add at least for now because there’s more to come. It’s not just the secularist though. And the unbeliever that is tongue tied. When we talk about what happens to the body, various world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, all believe in some form of reincarnation. That is that your body, when you die is then promoted to a different form of life and continues in this process repeatedly over and over again,

only the three major world religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, believe in what we would call the resurrection of the body. And Christianity stands in stark contrast to the other two because we believe not only in the resurrection of the human body, but we believe in it based on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead first Corinthians 15, calls him the first fruits of those that slept.

And then those afterwards at his coming as Christians, we believe that when we die, death is not the end, but it’s important that as we wrestle with this text tonight and see what the Bible has to say, that we appreciate. It’s not just that you and I will live on forever as bodiless spirits, disembodied spirits on a cloud, floating out into nothingness in heaven,

but we’ll have a body, a new body. And sometimes when you approach this question, Christian say, you know, this is difficult stuff. What’s going to happen to the human body. Let’s just leave that to the pay geeks. I E preachers. But based on what we find in first Corinthians 15, if we’re going to be the people that God would have us to be,

and if the Bible fully furnishes us and equips us, we can’t just walk away from this discussion. We must not only be informed, but fully invested and what the scriptures teach on this subject. And so we’re not surprised to find in first Corinthians 15 and the longest section in any of Paul’s epistles, his treatment of the resurrection in the first 11 verses.

Paul says the resurrection is a fact. It’s what I preach to you is what you believe is what you stand in and by which you’re saved, if you believe and keeping memory that, which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain, he lays out that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead and appeared to several individuals of which Paul describes himself as the last eyewitness one born out of due time.

And then in verses 12 through 19 and first Corinthians 15, he says, here are the implications of not believing in the resurrection. If the resurrection is not true, we’re wasting our time. Jesus is in the grave and our faith is in vain. But then he says more in verses 20 down through verse 28, he says, Jesus is in fact raised from the dead.

And not only that, but he is reigning now. And he must reign until he puts all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. And then his reign will culminate and him handing over the kingdom to the father. At which time God will be all in all. He says, if there is no resurrection, verse 29 through 34,

why do we suffer as we do? Why are we persecuted? Why are we putting up with all of these things? Paul says in verse 33, evil companions do corrupt, good morals, Corinthians don’t be deceived. And then he says one more thing, which we’re going to deal with tonight. And that is not only is the resurrection of fact, not only did Jesus rise from the grave,

but one day you will too. And in verses 35 through 58, Paul talks about the resurrection of the Christian body. He lays his argument out succinctly. He tells us a part of what the process will be like, the victory we enjoy and then culminates his argument by saying, let this be the motivation for everything you do in Christianity. Be faithful to God in view of this grand reality,

that one day as he rose. So will you briefly tonight, we want to make five moves in first Corinthians 1535 through 58, 5 things we see from Paul in the text that will help us to appreciate the resurrection body and what the new Testament has to say about it. Keep the text in front of you. Everything we’re going to say tonight is going to spring forth from what Paul said about the resurrection body lay all preconceived notions aside and let the text speak for itself.

Number one, Paul begins in verse 35 with the concern that we all have. I don’t know if this was the objection of the unbelievers and core rent or Paul merely puts up this argument and answers it before they can even ask the question. But he says in verse 35, but some will say among you, how are the dead raised? And with what bodies do they come?

There are individuals that will challenge this idea of the resurrection and Paul deals with their concern because they couldn’t fathom the idea of a body being raised from the dead. They had this next objection. Well, if you believe in the resurrection will tell me, how’s it going to take place and their minds because they couldn’t comprehend it. They believe God couldn’t accomplish it.

You remember what Jesus said in Matthew 19 verse 26, things that are impossible with man are possible with God, God doesn’t struggle with what we struggle with. And we do greatly air. Every time we put our human limitations on the divine I am. And so Paul says, here’s the concern that people have. If we’re going to be raised, what kind of bodies where we have,

can you imagine this question in the assembly at Corinth? I’ve never been in a class in school anywhere where this sort of smart high like attitude didn’t persist. Somebody in the class knows more than the teacher and they always have an objection and Paul snuffs it out. And he says, we’ll answer that this is old as the Sadducees and acts 23 in verse eight,

the Bible says the Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection of the dead or angels or spirits, but the Pharisees, they confess both. You remember in Jesus’s life in Matthew 22, that last week of his life, the Sadducees approach him. And they don’t believe in the resurrection. And so they can cut this story. A woman has seven weddings, no children,

and then seven funerals. And they say in the resurrection, whose wife will she be? And Jesus answers them in Matthew 22, by saying in verse 29, your problem is you don’t know the scriptures nor the power of God. Human relationships are not the same in heaven as they are on earth. Furthermore, exit is three in verse eight says that he’s not the God of the dead,

but he is the God of the living. Jesus says, one day people will rise from the dead. How are the dead raised? And with what body do they come? It’s not just the Corinthians that had that problem. People have it today. I’ve never taught this text and a class and a congregational setting, but the questions are coming in blitz like fashion.

Well, preacher, if we’re, I thought we were just worried about our souls. I thought when we died, that was it. But the Bible teaches not the cessation of the body, but in fact, the resurrection of it, furthermore, the transformation of the body when Jesus returns, somebody says, if we’re going to be raised from the dead,

am I going to be raised with this body? Or the body always dreamed I would have, am I going to be 16? Or am I going to be 61? Which body? What about people that have been cremated? And is God going to be able to sort of put all of these people and all of these pieces back together, if you believe in the resurrection of the body,

how is God going to accomplish those things? And what about people that have been lost at sea and all of these? Well, we know one another in heaven and what we still have our faculties, what we surrender our personalities, or will they be enhanced? If the dead are raised with what bodies do they come, the same questions. The Corinthians wrestle with people wrestle with today.

And we answer those questions with one question of our own Jeremiah 32, 27 says, is there anything too hard for the Lord and summary, the Corinthian struggles surrounds. This one idea. Does God have all power? Or doesn’t he Psalm 62 11 says once, have I spoken twice? Have I heard this? That power belongs to God? And if he has all power,

he can handle the resurrection with what bodies do they come. They come forth with the bodies that God will desire us to have. And Paul will have more to say about that. But first he addresses the doubts. Many people in scripture who approached God, doubting what he was able to do eventually saw his way kind of 100 year old man have a son.

Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him, Genesis twenty one five can the laws of Jericho fall. If we don’t lift a finger by faith, the walls of Jericho fell down after they were compost about for seven days, Hebrews 11 in verse 30. How can I give birth to a son saying I know not a man. She gave birth to a son and called his name.

Jesus Matthew one 18 through 25. Job’s question. If a man die, Willy live again, joke 14 verse 14. Jesus says, I am the resurrection and the life. Yes, job. If a man dies, he will live again. Some will say, how are the dead raised? And with what bodies do they come? Leave it to God.

He has it under control. He hung the stars on the moon and Paul says he can handle your objections on this question with what bodies do they come? Number two and verses 36 through 41. After Paul addresses the concern that people might have about the resurrection. He says, take a few examples from creation. Consider examples from creation verses 36 through 41.

Paul says, these people are not sincere inquirers. He responds to them in verse 36, by saying, you fooled that what you, so it doesn’t come to life unless it dies. This word for fool means someone who is ignorant of God’s will. And God’s ways it’s the same word, translated fool in the Septuagint, the old Testament translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek Psalm 14 one,

the fool has said in his heart, there is no God, it’s the same word. The idea is these individuals are foolish of God’s power and his capability. And so they don’t believe he can do what he says. He will. It’s the same word translated in Luke 12 and verse 20 for the rich man who built up all of these things in the store houses.

And the Bible says you fool this night, your soul will be required of you. Paul says to doubt the resurrection of the body puts you in the same category as the person who doesn’t believe in God in the same category of the person who believes they can lay up treasures on earth. And they’re not rich toward God to doubt that God can Quicken these mortal bodies and give life to them.

Again. Paul says, you fool, you don’t know how God operates. And then he gives examples. His first one is an agriculture verses 36 down through verse 38. He says, just look at a seed. You put a seed in the ground and you realize that the seed that you put in the ground will eventually spring, forth life. More amazing than that,

which you had originally planted. It’ll take on a life of his own. He says, God oversees the process and it transforms it while there’s continuity. There’s also transformation. It’s the same seed, but it Springs forth into a tree. More beautiful than the seeds were originally planted. Paul’s point. God’s going to take this body and though it dies and goes in the ground.

Don’t doubt that he is able to do what we can do with seeds and spring force something more beautiful than we would originally have ever thought he could. The seed principle Genesis one 11 through 12, every sea produces after its own calm. Paul says, just go out and look at agriculture and see what God has allowed to take place and transpired throughout the natural world and see what God can do with the human body.

But not just that. Paul says, look at creation. He talks about the different kinds of flesh that exists. If you look at verse 39 makes you think about Forrest Gump, doesn’t it. You remember us was talking to Bubba and Bubba said, now for us shrimps the fruit of the sea, you can bake it and boil it and broil it and saute there’s coconut shrimp and lemon shrimp and shrimp burgers and shrimp salad and coconut shrimp and lemon shrimp for us are shrimp sandwiches.

You can do so many things. Paul says, don’t doubt what God can do. Because in creation, he created all types of flesh with all types of things. Paul argues in verse 39 from Genesis chapter one, but he does it backwards. He starts in verse 27 of Genesis one and he says, first there’s human flesh. And then there’s the flesh of the different animals.

And then there’s the flesh of fish and of birds. God created all of these different animals with all of their different types of flesh, because God can do that. He has the power to create. And so he can resurrect these bodies. Paul says, don’t you see God can beautify and diversify. God created animals with different flesh, and God can create these bodies once and resurrect them and transform them a second time.

And then Paul’s third example. He says, look at the bodies and verse 40 through 41. He talks about the heavenly bodies about the stars, the sun, the moon. And he says they have various different types of glory. There’s one type of glory for the sun, another for the moon and another for the stars. The heavens declare the glory of God.

The sky above shows his handiwork day to day pours out speech night. Tonight shows knowledge. There is no speech, no language where their voice isn’t heard their line’s gone throughout all the earth and their works to the end of the world. And then he set a tabernacle for the sun. Paul says, if you doubt the resurrection, go look at the sun,

go look at the stars, go look at the moon. When I consider the heavens the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you’ve ordained, what is man that you’re mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him. Paul says, when you behold the creative genius of God, when he set up an agriculture, what he did in creating human beings and animals with different types of flesh and scan,

and then what he did with the heavenly bodies, with what bodies do they come, they’ll come forth with the same amazing bodies that God desires them to. Don’t doubt his power. Don’t doubt his ability. We’ve done this some this week. And sometimes we talk about the design argument and this idea that there’s design in the universe and the stars will tell you that God exists.

And that unbelievers are without excuse Romans one 19 through 21. And that’s right, but that’s not all that the Bible says design is designed to show us Psalm 19 and verse one, doesn’t say the heavens declare that God exists. They say more. The heavens declare the glory of God. The heavens don’t just tell us, God is there. They tell us what type of God is there?

What type is he a glorious one? And so what should we expect in our bodies when they rise for the second and final time, there’ll be glorious. Paul says, if you know these things about God, no change you. What does all of this has to do with the resurrection? Paul says, if you doubt God’s ability to raise the dead,

just to appreciate what God is able to do in the first creation. Look at the variety with which he’s created. Look at the glory that is already present in the sun, the, and the stars and God has saved the very best for last. He says, consider God’s work in creation. Now here’s number three. Paul says there’s going to be a change from the fleshly to the spiritual verses 42.

Now through verse 49, he said all of these things about agriculture. He said all these things about the sun and moon and stars about your flesh and mind. And then he says, so also it is with the resurrection of the dead. He says it is sown in dishonor. It is raised in honor, sown in weakness. It’s going to be raised in power is sown in dishonor.

It’s raised in glory. Paul says there’s a natural body and a spiritual body. God’s going to change these bodies. There’s going to be a transformation. These weak bodies that we have raggedy bodies with arthritis and pain and headaches. Paul says, there’ll be no more turning your Bible of second Corinthians chapter four second Corinthians chapter four. And notice what Paul says in verse 16 on into chapter five and second Corinthians four 16.

Paul says for the which, cause we faint not though our outward man perishes yet. Our inward man is renewed day by day for our light affliction, which is, but for a moment produces for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. While we look not at the things which are seen, but the things that are not seen, the things which are seen are temporary.

The things that are unseen are eternal for, we know that if the earthly house of this tabernacle be dissolved, we have a house, a building from God not made with hands eternal in the heavens we’re in these bodies are in these tents. We earnestly grown, designed to be clothed, but Paul says we’re burdened and we’re aching. Not that we will be found naked,

but that would be clothed. And life would be swallowed up. Mortality will be swallowed up of life. What God is going to do with our bodies is to transform them. Paul says, we’re going from dishonor to honor from weakness to power from that which we’re ashamed of ultimately to glory, there’s going to be a grand transformation. And it’s because we’re found in Jesus Christ and verses 42 through 44.

Paul lays this out by saying, we’re going to do an exchange. We’re going to trace some earthly things for spiritual and heavenly things. And then in verses 45 through 49, he makes this grand comparison between the first Adam and how we bore his image. Verse 45 says, as it is written, the first man Adam was made a life-giving spirit or a living soul.

And the second man, Adam was made a life-giving spirit. As we born the image of the first Adam, we’re going to bear the image of the second. If we’re in Christ, there’s going to be a grand resurrection. And just like we share the similar toot of Adam. Now we’ll share the eternal similitude of Jesus. Then when God told Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden Genesis two 16 and 17,

and the day that you eat thereof, you will surely die. I know commentators go all over the place. Was this physical death or was it spiritual death? One thing’s for sure. Adam lived to be 900 and some 30 years old. And what happened to him? And he died. He died, but those are the people talk about him being the,

the man that lived the longest and all of the Bible, but guess what? His genealogy reads and he died. I read about a woman last week. Her name is Kane Tanakh. She’s 119 years old. She lives in Japan. She supposed to continue to live because of the way she takes care of her body. But if time marches on, you know what her genealogy will one day read,

it’ll read the same thing that yours does. She lived to be 130 years old. And then she died. Hebrews 9, 27 says it’s appointed unto men once to die. And after this, the judgment, that’s the lot of all people. But Paul says, don’t put a period there. If you’re a Christian, put a comma because just like Jesus rose from the grave one day will rash from the grave as well.

We’re going to bear the image of the eternal our lives. Won’t end in the grave. There’ll be a grand transformation. We’ll go from fleshly and temporary and temporary to bodies that are eternal and heavenly. Look at his assurance in verse 49. As we have borne the image of the man of dust, we must also bear the image of the heavenly one.

Paul is assure that this is going to be our reality. He has no doubts, no questions. He knows it’ll happen as Christians. We live in earthly Tabernacles for the time being, but when we die that won’t be the end. I know nobody who has died currently has this heavenly body. But Paul says, one day we will. This same body that is sewn into the ground.

Paul says it is sown in weakness. It is raised in power. This very same body that we presently occupied. God’s going to raise it from the dead. And then God’s going to transform it more about that in a moment. But Paul says we’re going from the fleshly ultimately to the spiritual, just as God made us from dust to begin with, he’s going to raise our bodies and transform them to inhabit the eternal home,

which will be ours. Forevermore. Number four, Paul says, comprehend the mystery and realize the victory and verses 50 through 57. I don’t know how many funerals I’ve done, but at the funeral of every faithful Christian, I normally read first Corinthians 15, 50 through 57. What Paul says in this passage is that ultimately in Christ Christians, when the grave is not the end while Paul can’t tell us everything about the resurrection bodies,

he can tell us that they will be our reality. We will enjoy them, and it will be different. These bodies that get sick and decay and die, it won’t happen with these bodies. Paul says, things are going to be different. He says brethren, we will not fall asleep, but we will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye for the trumpet will sound and the debt will be raised incorruptible.

And we will be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption. And this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall put on incorruption and this mortal puts on immortality, then will be brought to pass. The saying that is written. Death is swallowed up in victory. Oh, death. Where is your sting? Oh, grave. Where is your victory?

The of death is sin. The strength of sin is the law, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord. Jesus Christ. Paul says, ultimately for the Christian, you can appreciate the mystery. That what will happen is that we will rise from the dead. You know, for Christians, we can realize that one day the trumpet will sound and everybody’s going to get up.

Nobody will sleep through the divine alarm clock of heaven, John 5, 28 and 29. Jesus says, Marvel, not at this. The hour is coming in the witch, all that are in the grave or hear his voice and come forth. Those that have done good. So the resurrection of life and those that have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation, everybody’s going to get up.

The trumpet will Blass, but it won’t just awaken the damn bodies out of the grave. It also serves as an alarm for death to realize death, your time’s up, no more rain, no more victory, no more collection. My creation. It’s going to be a change. First Thessalonians four talks about the reality that even Christians face in death and he says,

I would not have you ignorant brethren concerning those which are asleep that you sorrow, not even as others, which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even. So those that sleep in Jesus will God also bring with them for this. We say to you, by the word of the Lord, that we, which are alive and remain will not proceed.

The coming of the Lord for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead and Christ will rise first. Then we, which are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord?

You see this transformation is necessary. The current outfits that we wear now are not fit for that world. And so he says, the trumpet will sound and then we’ll be changed. These bodies will be made incorruptible so that we can go to our heavenly home. Our citizenship is in heaven, Philippians three in verse 20, from where also we look for our savior,

the Lord Jesus Christ, who will change our lowly bodies, that they might be fashioned like his glorious body. We need our bodies changed and nothing will stop this from happening. Somebody says, well, time stop the resurrection and the transformation of the human body. He’s been dead so long. I haven’t, it feels like I haven’t seen him or her in centuries.

Are you sure that this individual will be raised from the dead God doesn’t wear a watch. And he never looks at a calendar one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, we’ll see him in the resurrection. Somebody says, will tragedy stop the resurrection from taking place. They never found her body. There was a kidnapping.

The body has been chopped in pieces. Are you sure that he can raise them from the dead Psalm? 1 47 verse five says his understanding is infinite. He won’t have any problem. Putting the pieces back together can throbbing or thorns or this’ll stop the resurrection from the dead. You say the last time I saw that body, it was in so much pain.

It was unrecognizable cancer and Alzheimer’s and all of the things that have happened to this body, are you sure that this beat and rec body will be raised from the dead? And the Bible says, he’s going to take that body and he’ll transform it. Paul says, I’m persuaded that neither death, nor life, Nor angels, nor principalities or things present or things to come height,

nor depth nor any other created thing will separate us from his love, but also from his power to raise from the dead. Nothing’s going to stop this from taking place. Paul quotes, two old Testament passages and fuses in together in verses 54 through 56. He quotes Isaiah 25 in verse eight and Jose and 13 in verse 14. And they merged together to make the chorus of the human,

the human triumphant song over the resurrection, oh, death. Where is your sting? Oh, grave. Where is your victory? You’ve been forever vanquished of it. God now Reigns in the resurrection. Ultimately humanity wins based on what Jesus has done in our place. And on our behalf, When Jesus rose from the dead, he didn’t just do it for himself.

He did it for us. And so many passages that say things to you and me about his resurrection will one day be true about you. One day will say he will not leave his holy ones in Haiti’s Or suffer our bodies to see corruption. Psalm 16 in verse 10 Said about him in revelation one in verse 18, I’m here. That was dead and am alive.

Forevermore. One day, that same passage It’ll be true about you. Paul says death won’t have a stain death. Won’t have Death served throughout the centuries as the bully of time walking around and putting everybody in their place. But Paul says, based on what Jesus has done desperate put on the clock. Hebrews two says that he’s the captain of our salvation.

And because of that, he’s brought many sons to glory, God, out smart death, by entering into his clutches and overcoming death, you would assume that an entering the clutches he’d be defeated. But second Corinthians five 15 says when he rose from the dead, he didn’t just do it for himself. He opened up a new and living way, Hebrews 10 and verse 20.

And now all of those that follow Just footsteps will likewise walk out of their tombs. What the angel said to the women will one day be set at your grave and mine. He is not here. He’s risen. She is not here. She’s risen and it will be glorious. Our bodies will be changed, but notice verse 57, Paul says this all tied to this one idea.

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord, Jesus Christ. The victory that we will enjoy ultimately comes through what Jesus did on our behalf. You know, sometimes people compete in the Olympics And they have these columns. They’ll have, these are all the gold medals for the Americans and all the gold medals for the Japanese. And people go and compete as individuals,

but they ultimately are competing on behalf of their country. Jesus says, no man takes my life from me. I let down, I’d take it up again. And you might assume that that victory was for him. But Jesus says, when I rose from the grave, there’s column of my creation, namely human beings and what I want, I want also for them.

And so he gives us the victory. And if we’re in Christ, we ultimately win. John 5 24 says those who believe on me and received my words and believe the one that sent me have passed from death to life. And they don’t come into condemnation. If you’re a faithful Christian, that’s true about you. One day you’ll have this new and glorious body that can never die.

There’s nothing that the devil or sin or a hail will be able to do about it. You will live forevermore, just like he does and your new resurrection body. And in view of all of those things, look at verse 58. This is probably the most familiar verse in this entire chapter to members of the church. But Paul uses it as his exclamation mark.

In this section on the resurrection, he says, therefore, my beloved brethren be steadfast. Unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know, your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Do you know that sometimes on this subject, people say, well, I don’t really care what I have. I just want to be with the Lord.

And as honest and as sincere as that sounds, Paul says that ignorance won’t do it does matter what we believe about this subject on the resurrection, because what we believe has consequences and what you believe about the body of comm means everything about what you’ll do in the bodies we currently occupy. And so Paul says, be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

For as much as you know, your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Paul says you’re going to be raised, but you’re not there yet. And so in view of the resurrection, put your hands to the plow and give Jesus everything you’ve got. Don’t hold back. Don’t slow up. Throw yourself fully into Christianity. You could imagine some of these Christians in Corinth that are doubting the resurrection and they start to think,

well, maybe I’m wasting my time and maybe I won’t go back on Wednesday night and maybe I won’t go back on Sunday night. I won’t quit altogether, but I’ll sort of slow up. Paul says, no, go the other way. Go full throttle, throw yourself fully into Christianity because you’re not wasting your time. Be steadfast. That means just continue to be firm and stick with it.

And first Peter five and verse nine. The same word is used to say we’re to be steadfast against our enemy. The devil be immovable, just plant your feet in Christ and refuse to move. Sometimes we sing a song. I shall not be moved Colossians. 1 23 says if we are immovable, we’ll stand blameless before him one day. And then Paul says always abounding in the work of the Lord.

Do not allow yourself to be a bare minimalist. As it relates to Christianity, what’s the least I can do and get by. What’s the smallest effort that I can give and steal here. Well done. Paul says always abounding in the work of the Lord. Why? Because you know, your labor is not a waste of time. Your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

You’ve never done anything for God in vain. And so give him everything you have. You might think, well, what happens if I wear this body down? Paul says, God’s got another one ready for you. And so, because of that, Romans 12 and verse one, present your bodies As a living sacrifice, you can Crawl on the altar of God every day,

without fear that this body will expire and we’ll be left naked, Paul says you’ll be clothed with the more glorious body. And so because of that, he was the best one faithfully in his service. It stinged yourself as far as you can, Because your labor is not in vain in the Lord, running distance races. You see funny things, I’ve run and miles I’ve run and track events and cross country and street races.

And what you sometimes see is that one individual, they call this person Rabbit. They just dart out in front of everybody and 200 meters into the race they’re gasping and they’re off to the sidelines. And then there are some people I wouldn’t call this running. Really. This is almost just like a Quick shuffle, no offense. And their feet are barely getting off the ground.

But right at the last hundred yards, they dart out this fervor and this sprint, but you know their problem. They kept far too much in the tank. And some Christians, I don’t know what we’re waiting on. I don’t know if we’re waiting for the Gun lap to sound or not, but we Keep far too much in the tank. We’re afraid of what might really happen.

If we take them serious. Paul says, be steadfast. Immovable, Always abounding. You go above and beyond. What if we really do love our neighbor as ourself? What if we really do Study to show ourselves approved? What if we throw ourselves fully into this? Paul says you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, only one life will soon be past.

Only what’s done for Christ will. Last CT stuff was right. And Paul says, because of that, Christianity can assure you of this one. Reality. Your labor in mind is not in vain in the Lord. We’re not wasting our time because we will be raised. We will be changed. Our bodies will be glorious and we’ll live forever more with the one who went before us and experienced the first resurrection on our behalf.

The question of what happens to the human body after death must first be proceeded by this idea of what happens to the human body while we live. What we do in these bodies has everything to say about those. Now, Paul says there is The just, and the unjust acts 24 15. Daniel says those that sleep will await Daniel 12 and verse two righteous and wicked.

But what happens to your body and mind then Everything to do with what happens to our bodies right now, the Bible says that Jesus was raised from the dead. And that’s great news. The Bible says throughout Jesus’s earthly ministry, he raised other people from the dead and that’s great news, but you know, the Bible says more. You and I have to undergo our own resurrection.

Romans six, three through six says we are baptized into Christ and were raised with him to walk in newness of life. We undergo that first resurrection in view of the second where our bodies will be forever transformed. You see were baptized Into Christ and we put him on Now. So the body that Paul describes in first Corinthians, 1535 through 58, we can put it on then.

And if we don’t do that, now we won’t receive that glorious new body. Then we’ll be raised, but not to triumph. But instead to eternal torment, the new Testament says Christians can rejoice even in the face of death, because we do have the last and eternal lab because Jesus has forevermore conquered our greatest enemy, our greatest foe for as much then as children’s are partakers of flesh and blood.

He himself, likewise took part of the same that through death, he might deliver those that all their lifetimes were subject to bondage because of what Jesus has done. We can look death square in the face and say, one day a rise triumphantly, even over you. And I’ll have an eternal body, which shall never die. We sing a song where the soul never dies,

but the Bible says one day we will also receive a body which will never die. If you need to respond to the gospel invitation tonight and put on Christ and baptism and enjoy the first resurrection, believing that Jesus is the son of God, John eight and verse 24, turning from sin and repentance confessing with the mouth, which your heart believes Romans 10,

nine, and 10 rise into walk in newness of life. That’s the first resurrection and people that do that and have done that throughout the centuries. We’re all just waiting in the wing for the trumpets of sound and to receive our new bodies. If you are a Christian May Paul’s words in verse 57, be encouragement for you for loved ones. You long to see for pains.

You long to be rid of, because one day he’s going to fix it. The God that gives the moon, her shine, the sun, its rays, the birds there for and humans, their consciousness. Paul says one day that same God will give you a glorious body. Don’t quit. Don’t slow up. Don’t ease up. Throw yourself fully into this eternal work because it is worth it.

Vince is going to lead us in a song to encourage us. If you need to respond, come now as together we stand in scene.


Hiram Kemp
The Resurrection Body (1 Corinthians 15:35-58)
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